About Me

Hey buddies, Sam Kresslein here! Chances are you also love RVing, so you’ve reached this website. I’m thrilled to know and really happy to meet you.

Just like you, fellow RVer, I’ve been traveling around with my fifth wheel for quite a while. I go to places I’ve never been before, discover RV parks and camping sites and share wonderful moments with the people I love, although sometimes I drive alone, too.

For me, traveling with an RV is the most wonderful thing in the world because I also meet people, explore new places, get close to nature – and most importantly, I discover more about myself and learn new things I never knew.


Apart from RVing, I do vlogging to document my travels, RV living and other interesting stuff that people might want to know. In case you want to check them out yourself, feel free visiting and subscribing to my YouTube channel [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZhS1NSBRnlcw5femGgkJw]. Maybe you’d also be interested to watch the stuff I upload there. [Don’t forget to subscribe.]

Anhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZhS1NSBRnlcw5femGgkJwd also, I love photography. It’s another thing that completes my adventures – and thanks to RVing, I get to pursue and develop my skills because traveling with it offers me new sights for photos.
I built this website for the love of all things about recreational vehicle camping. For me, RVing is like living in our homes. We have the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom there, making us feel as if we’re not really away from anything that we’re accustomed to.

But in order to achieve that. I believe that we have to find and use the best RV appliances, electrical supplies, gears and equipment for it.

It’s another reason that I built RV Need.

On this website, I’d be featuring reviews to help you find the best RV GPS, electrical power supplies and TV antennas and so many more.

Aside from reviews, I’d be publishing informational articles and guides, tips and tricks and answers to your questions for resources.

I do hope you’d be able to find the right recreational vehicle gears, appliances and equipment using info we’ve featured here.

If you have any questions, feel free to email [email protected] or shooting me a message on any of my social media channels below.

Keep it here and I do hope you’ll love the website.

On to our 1000th RV park,

Sam Kresslein