Best RV Roof Coating Reviews & Full Buying Guide 2022

What is the best RV roof coating? If you’re shopping around for a roof coating for your mobile home, camper, or trailer, you can check out the following guide that outlines the top 10 picks for this special roof coating as well as the types that you need to know. With the right roof coating, you can be sure of durability, resilience, efficiency & ease of installation, to name some. After reading, we do hope that you will be able to find the right roof coating for your needs, type of roof & features that you’re looking for. If you’re ready, let us begin and help you find your RV roof coating.

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Best RV Roof Coating

Heng’s RV Roof Coating

Hengs RV Roof Coating

We love the rubber roof coating form, Heng, because it is effective in delivering its promises of sealing the roof tight and preventing damage from the elements. As you know, the recreational vehicle is a huge investment. Its components are also valuable and need much money to repair. By protecting the roof, you will be able to keep the optimal function of your roofing when it comes to providing the protection that your family needs.

Heng’s Rubber Roof Coating is already in a one-gallon size, making it optimal to seal the roof of your vehicle even if it is a long and wide one. Plus, you can keep the remaining portion of the coating if you didn’t use all of it.

The Roof Coating is versatile in that it can coat rubber roofs along with any tears. It can also work on the seams and in sealing the vents. The rubber coating is also effective in coating the air conditioner of your recreational vehicle. With such plenty of uses, you can count on the roof coating in terms of its functionality for a wide range of applications.

Another good thing in addition to protecting the roof from the elements is that this coating can help in keeping the RV roof shielded from the harmful UV rays, which would otherwise affect its integrity and lifespan. This item is also known for contracting and expanding with the roof, making it a long-lasting coating for your recreational vehicle roof.

In addition to being effective, it is also non-toxic and non-polluting, making it an eco-friendly product that you can count on when it comes to conserving the environment. Overall, Heng’s Rubber Roof Coating is our top pick for the category of coatings for EDPM rubber roods. You can count on this product for long-term use, too.

Dicor RV Roof Coating

Dicor RV Roof Coating

The Dicor RP-CRC-1 is another product not to miss when shopping around for a roof coating to shield your RV roof from the elements and harsh outdoor conditions. It is a good product that can prevent hefty repairs and frequent maintenance of your roofing system. You should definitely consider it if you want to save money in the end.

The white rubber coating is ideal for any RV design and theme, too, because of its neutral color. It can conceal itself and maintain the beauty of your vehicle. You might want to check out this roof coating if you want a matching product for your roofing system.

I would also like to note that this product is suitable even for retrofit installations, making it a versatile fit for many applications. It is a top consideration when looking for this kind of product that you can rely on for a wide range of purposes.

The coating is impressive, too, for its ability to flex very well. It will not crack or peel because it will contract or expand as your roof does. It is what you need for a versatile product that can deliver its promises of keeping the roof tightly coated to prevent damage as well as an annoying rumble in the roof.

With this product, it is safe to say that you can save money in the end for the less lifetime maintenance that you would otherwise need without it. You can rely on the Dicor RP-CRC-1 for its heavy-duty performance. It also has the ability to deal with the changing weather conditions, making it fit for installation in the RV roof. In addition, this product works well for this application because of its precise specific gravity of 1.41.

Rubberseal Liquid Waterproofing Protective Coating

Rubberseal Liquid Waterproofing Protective Coating

I also love the Rubber seal Liquid roof coating because it does not require many applications to do its work. You don’t need many applications to make it perform and deliver what it has to do – coating your RV roof. The protective coating is cost-effective to apply that you don’t need frequent reapplications from time to time.

One of the things that make it possible is that this roof coating is flexible. It can keep up with the contraction and expansion of your roof. Thus, it will not crack, peel or tear that easily and quickly. With this ability, you can make sure that you’re getting the most of your money. As you will not also have to spend much on the maintenance of your roof, you can save more money in the end. Using this product, you can do the math and count the savings, as you don’t also have to spend on hefty repairs like on the tears and holes in your roof.

Another thing that makes it a unique choice is that it has insulating properties, too. With that said, you could look forward to saving on heating and cooling costs, too. It has the ability to insulate the roof, so it won’t heat up easily. Otherwise, you will have a higher cooling cost, especially in the summer, the perfect time to go camping with your mobile home.

In addition, I love that this coating is able to resist RV exposure and is resistant to aging. Having this said also means that you don’t have to reapply the product from time to time because it can offer continued protection. For all these reasons and benefits, it can be safe to say that choosing the Rubber seal coating is one of the best decisions that you can make.

Kool Seal RV Roof Coating

Kool Seal RV Roof Coating

One of the products not to miss when finding an RV roof coating is the Kool Seal KST063600-16. It is a top-rated choice in this category that you should also take a look at for its wide range of benefits and features. For one, it is easy to apply and does not require outside help to do so. Choosing a product that will not be a hassle to install is one of the most essential things to take note of when comparing your choices.

The Kool Seal KST063600-16 is an elastomeric sealant, which is known for its resilience and ability to hold on to the surface tightly. With it, you can look forward to less maintenance of your roofing system, which would otherwise cost much money in the end. This item is economical and practical to use because it does not need frequent reapplications, as it can withstand the changing weather and harsh outdoor elements.

The Kool Seal KST063600-16 is available in a 115 fl. oz. the package that makes it the ideal choice for those looking to save money on the quantity of the product that they are buying. In addition to being economical, it is effective when it comes to clinging to your roofing system for all types of weather. You will not have to worry about it losing its coating properties.

This product is tested and proven to keep up with the changing outdoor temperatures, no matter your location. Even if you are living in an extremely hot location, you can make sure that the elastomeric roof coating will cling onto the surface. Finally, this product can protect your roof against moisture that would otherwise lead to algae and mildew growth and development.

Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating Sealant

Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating Sealant

The liquid rubber coating is another top-notch recreational vehicle roof coating. It is a liquid coating that is easy and quick to apply. It will not take much of your time to perform the installation, so you will not find it a hassle to do it. The brilliant white RV roof coating is suitable for a wide range of applications, including on flat roofs and metal roofs, making it one of the most versatile choices in the category.

Speaking of versatility, this product is impressive in that it can also be used around your home, in sheds, in planter boxes, fences, wood, metal, concrete, and stucco, to name some. With such plenty of applications, you can get more out of your spending for this kind of product.

This item is also eco-friendly because it is water-based. It contains no harmful volatile compounds or annoying odor. It is also free from any solvents that you will normally find in other roof coatings. It is also applicable for outdoor or indoor use. You can use it even without any special breathing device.

You can also count on it when it comes to protecting your roof from the harmful UV rays that would otherwise degrade its quality and performance. It is also effective when it comes to preventing moisture buildup, one of the main causes of algae and mildew growth.

This product can also offer a certain level of insulation for your RV, eventually saving you on heating and cooling cost. With such function, you can save more money in the end by not having to spend on high-energy consumption. Overall, the liquid RV roof coating is a decent pick for its wide range of applications and economical features.

Superior RV Roof Coating

Superior RV Roof Coating

The Superior RV One Part Liquid Rubber Roofing is another product to consider if you’re shopping around for an effective and efficient product that does not require frequent, repeated applications. It is a top-rated choice that is easy to apply, too, not requiring outside help to do so if you are the DIY type of a person.

This product is ideal for those who want a permanent restoration of roof surface materials like EPDM, TPO, or any other surfaces. If you are one of those, you can choose the item that can also eliminate the need for primers or seam tapes. It can work on seams and tears effortlessly.

The roof coating is very effective in that it can be used for industrial roof restoration projects, too. One of the things that make it the solid choice for many is its resilience and strength. This particular item has a rating of 800% elongation, 90% solar reflectivity, and 1900-PSI tensile strength. With all these things said, you could safely say that this product is heavy-duty and long-lasting. So if you want to prevent frequent reapplications, I would suggest that you consider this item when comparing your choices.

Another thing that makes this item a standout is that it is backed by a 15-year guarantee. I have not seen a roof coating that has this kind of warranty before. It can be a sign of the manufacturer’s trust in the product.

In addition, this product can resist moisture buildup. In that case, you can also prevent the development of algae and mildew in the roof. It will not also be damaged due to rain and other weather conditions. It can also lower the impact of snow or hail falling onto your roof. More so, this item can provide a certain level of insulation to help lower your cooling cost.

Gaco RV Roof Coating

Gaco RV Roof Coating

As your recreational vehicle is a top investment, it deserves proper maintenance. One of the products you need to do it includes a roof coating. You need it to keep the integrity of your roofing system and prevent its damage from conditions like snow, hail, or rain. It is also important to withstand the harmful UV rays that will otherwise degrade the quality of your roof.

The White Silicone Roof Coating by GACO Western is a silicone type of coating. It is a flexible coating type that can flex, expand and contract as your roof does. The silicone material is one of the standards when it comes to roof coatings because it is also heavy-duty in performance.

I would like to recommend the GACO roof coating if you are looking for one that can make a seamless membrane that can work to seal your roof. If your roof is damaged, you can also use this product to repair tears and seams without any worries. It can provide that perfect coating that will last long.

If you have sloped or flat roofs, you can also take a look at this roof coating that can deliver its claims of effectively sealing the roof. You can also count on the product if you want to protect your roofs against any leaks.

This item is also easy to install. You just have to apply it using a nap roller by yourself or with someone’s aid. In addition, it will help you cover up to 100 square feet in terms of area. You can get a solid coating before using a mobile top coating if desired. Overall, the GACO coating is one of those to consider for its solid performance and long-lasting effects.

Henry RV Roof Coating

Henry RV Roof Coating

If you’re looking for a trusted brand when it comes to RV roof coatings, you should check out Henry. It is a committed brand that is known for the quality of its products. By choosing it, you can have peace of mind that you’re selecting quality, too. The HENRY HE287SF871 is one of its top-rated offerings on the market for its great features including easy installation and long-term performance.

The Henry roof coating material is what you need if want a flexible product that can keep up with the expansion and contraction of your roof. It features a solar flex that adds to its heavy-duty performance. You can count on it if you are looking for a top-rated product that can last through the years as well as meets international standards like those of the Energy Star Guidelines.

This item is proven to promote the energy efficiency of your RV roof because it can offer some insulation it. And with that, you can rest assured that you can save on cooling or heating cost, too. So if you would choose the Henry roof coating, you can do the math and count your savings in energy consumption.
You can also count on it for its ability to keep your roof cool, something helpful, especially in the summer.

By choosing the RV roofing system coating, you can also ensure that you can prevent the buildup of water and moisture on the roof. With it, you can also have peace of mind in the prevention of mold, algae, or mildew growth. If you would like to take advantage of this benefit, I recommend that you check out this Henry RV roof coating that is one of the most effective in the category.

Liquid Rubber EPDM RV Roof Coating

Liquid Rubber EPDM RV Roof Coating

Are you looking for an effective EPDM RV roof coating? If so, you might want to check out the Liquid Rubber EPDM coating. The liquid rubber coating is one of the best around when it comes to the solid performance that we need. It is not hard to install at all, and in fact, it doesn’t also need frequent reapplications.
The liquid rubber roof coating is one of the most reliable around for its versatility. I liked that it is ideal for commercial and residential roofs. It might just be able to tell us that it is a high-quality product that passes standards. This item is also a real liquid version of true EPDM that is effective when it comes to coating the roof and protecting it from the elements.

This item can be more efficient versus other types of coatings are like acrylic. For one, you just need one application of this liquid EPDM, and it will not shrink, chalk or peel. It is a top-of-the-line roof coating that can offer big savings because you don’t have to do reapplications from time to time.

The LIQUID EPDM is able to deal with temperatures reaching up to 300 degrees. That said, you could say that this product is UV resistant. And with such a property, you can be sure that it is good for keeping up with the changing weather and temperatures. Also, it can help in preventing the damage of the roof due to the harmful UV rays.

In addition, this liquid roof coating is able to provide insulation that can help you save on energy costs. And in the summer, it can offer that level of insulation to keep your family comfortable by lessening the effects of the hot weather. It can keep your roof cool.

Dicor RPFRC1 Fiberglass RV Roof Coating

Dicor RPFRC1 Fiberglass RV Roof Coating

The Dicor RPFRC1 is a fiberglass roof coating, which you should also consider when shopping around for a reliable product that can last longer and provide your roofing system with the benefits that you are looking for. One of the things that make it unique is that it is a fiberglass material, which is a durable and resilient type to handle and deal with the changing and harsh outdoor conditions.

The RV roof coating is also one of the best when it comes to keeping up with the harmful UV rays, impact of snow and hail, and damage from bird dropping and impurities. It is a reliable and durable product that does not only protects your roof but also beautifies it.

This item is a sleek and elegant one that comes with a bright white finish. It can match any existing decoration and design of your RV. Plus, this item is one of those that can help you prevent the development of mildew and algae. The main reason is that it can prevent the accumulation of vapor and moisture. With this said, it also means that your roof will be protected from other damages brought about by moisture. This product is also long-lasting in that it has high flexibility and is eco-friendly, too.

Types of RV Roof Coating

Types of RV roof coating
What are the types of RV roof coating that you need to know about when shopping around from the choices? Before adding a specific product to your cart, see the following for the things to know about each type of roof coating. Let us get started in the following sections for each of the types of RV roof coatings available.

RV Rubber Roof Coating

rv rubber roof coatingThe rubber roof coating is a special product that is meant to fix leaks, repair seams and tears & overall restore the beauty and appearance of an RV roof.

EPDM Rubber Roof Coating for RV

This is one of the most common types of roof coatings around. It is intended to help in roof restoration. It can help you fix tears, leaks & seams. This product is made of pure liquid rubber that can also be used for commercial purposes. You might want to check out this product if you’re looking for one that you can rely on for all-weather performance.

It is one of the top choices among homeowners and building owners that want an easy-to-install and use roof coating. Many of these do not require any coatings. However, you might have to think of the weather before application to ensure it will stick well to the surface and form a 100% pure EPDM membrane when cured.

Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating

liquid rubber rv roof coatingThe liquid rubber roof coating for the mobile home or recreational vehicle is another choice for a rubber roof coating. As the name says, it is a liquid form of rubber that is applied to the roof in order that it will form a membrane when cured. Many of these items are not hard to install or apply provided that you follow the directions from the manufacturer.

This product is often used on virtually all types of mobile homes, trailers, campers & RV roofs. The best of them do not contain harmful odors and volatile compounds. For the best results, we suggest that you clean and dry the surface for application.

Elastomeric RV Roof Coating

Elastomeric RV Roof CoatingThe use of this coating is also common among RV owners. It is a special product that is applied in order to protect your roof from damage. It is also used in helping stop or preventing leaks. This special coating is also an aid for many when it comes to limiting any future weathering.

This coating can also provide a certain level of insulation to your RV. They can help you save on cooling costs especially in the summer when the weather is scorching hot. It is also used in limiting the future damage of your roofing system, saving you money in the end. With it, you don’t need to spend much on repairs and maintenance.

Aluminum RV Roof Coating

Aluminum RV Roof CoatingAluminum RV roof coating is meant for aluminum roofs. It is used in preventing damage to your RV roof. It is not hard to apply at all, and some of them do not even need multiple coatings to work.

But depending on the variant you have chosen, you might have to consider the weather. Some of these might not dry fast. It is why you might want to check reviews and compare the ease of use of these products.

Acrylic RV Roof Coating

Acrylic RV Roof CoatingOne of the main advantages of acrylic coating is that it is able to extend the life of your roof as well as add beauty to it. You can use it if you want to prevent frequent repairs and maintenance. So if you want to save money in the end, you might check out an acrylic roof coating that has flexibility and elasticity, offering protection from the elements.
This roof coating is able to expand or contract with your roof. In this case, you can ensure 24/7 protection that can help you save money. In addition, the acrylic RV roof coating can offer great resistance against the UV rays and weather elements that would otherwise degrade your roof’s optimal function.

EPDM RV Roof Coating

EPDM RV Roof CoatingEPDM is a resilient and valuable roof coating for the recreational vehicle, trailer, mobile home, or camper. It is a long-lasting synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is used in many buildings and homes, too. Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer is one of the top choices for a roof coating that can last through the years. It can provide protection to your roofing material from harsh elements. It can also shield it against the hard impact of the snow. This coating can also deal with all types of weather making it an all-season roof coating that can last longer and save you money in the end.

Liquid RV Roof Coating

Liquid RV Roof CoatingThis type is an RV roof sealant that can cure into a waterproof, durable & heavy-duty membrane. It can hold on to the surface, used on most RV roofs, and allow for easy installation. You don’t have to worry about the hard application because it can stick easily to the surface including the EPDM membrane.
A few benefits of using it include the longevity of your roof. Once cured, this product will stick to the surface and help prevent cracking and peeling. It can also help in preventing or repairing leaks and damages. It can also be used in seams and tears. You might want to check it out if you are looking to save money on the maintenance of your roof.

Fiberglass RV Roof Coating

Fiberglass RV Roof CoatingThis product is a special roof coating that is used in most RVs and travel trailers. It is typically formulated with acrylic fiberglass resins in order to create that flexible coating. It is a good choice for many especially that it is able to contract or expand with the movement of the roof.
With it, you can also look forward to the heavy-duty performance. It will not peel or crack with the changing weather conditions. You can also expect that it can deal with the rough outdoor conditions. The fiberglass RV roof coating is a great choice for its resilience, durability & quality.

TPO RV Roof Coating

Thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO is a synthetic roof coating material. It is commonly used in many RV roofs as well as commercial roofs. Just like the other RV roof coatings, it is also resilient and tough to deal with the rough and tough outdoor conditions. It is also a decent choice for offering protection to your roofing system especially against the damage that the rain, snow or UV rays can cause to it.

DIY RV Roof Coating

The DIY RV roof coating is as its name. This coating usually comes as a liquid roof that is considered a DIY product because it is easy to apply. You will not need outside help in order to coat your roof with it. This item can also prevent moisture buildup that would lead to the growth and development of mold, mildew & algae.
It is also a great shield against the elements including snow, rain & UV rays. But for the best results, check out the user manual or instruction guide from the manufacturer on how to use this roof coating. And depending on the size of the package, it will only coat up to a certain number of square feet.

Permanent RV Roof Coating

Another roof coating that you can consider when shopping around for a roof sealant or coating is the permanent RV roof coating. It is a heavy-duty product that is made of liquid rubber, elastomeric, fiberglass, or acrylic material. These coating materials are known for their sturdiness to deal with the changing and diverse outdoor conditions. They can withstand the UV rays, too, making them ideal for all-weather performance.

Based on the item selected and its compatibility, these roof coatings can help in the permanent restoration of roof surfaces that include EPDM or TPO, to name some, without using primers or seam tape. The best of them do not require multiple coatings, too, but they can be used in a single application. If you’re shopping around for a permanent roof coating, you can read the earlier reviews to compare your options well.

Snow Roof Coating for RV

A snow seal is a valuable roof coating that can offer a shield to your roofing system against the elements. It is typically an elastomeric coating that can adhere to metal, aluminum, granulated rolled roofing & other roofing systems. You can use a snow roof coating for commercial projects, too. This product is also reliable, and the best ones are also 400% elastomeric. It can move as your RV roof does and prevent/resist cracking and peeling.

There you have some of the things to know about the types of roof coatings to choose from and use for your roofing system. So before adding a product to the cart is able to weigh and study your options well so that you can make a great decision and achieve satisfaction in your purchase.

Rubber Roof Coating for RV Camper Trailer

Based on what you’ve read earlier, you probably know by now the differences among the RV roof coatings available on the market. Now for the rubber roof coating for the mobile home, camper, trailer, or recreational vehicle, you can check out the following for the reviews on these products and what makes one a great choice.

RV Rubber Roof Coating Reviews

According to different RV roof coating reviews, a rubber roof coating is their top choice for many reasons. For one, it is flexible and elastomeric in that it can contract, expand or move as its roofing system does. It can hold on to the roof membrane well once cured. For this reason, many appreciate the help that this kind of product can offer them with roof restoration. In that case, they don’t have to replace the entire roof or spend on hefty repairs.

And with that, they also don’t need to spend on frequent maintenance. For many of them, this rubber roof coating is a blessing. It can save them much money in the end, yet it is not hard to apply. Certainly, this product is an excellent choice that also gives them that roofing system protection. Such can shield their roof from the elements, including the rain, snow or hale.
RV Rubber Roof Coating Reviews

Many of these items can also prevent moisture buildup. As you may know, such can lead to the development and growth of algae, mold, and mildew that is not good for anyone’s health. In addition, the rubber roof coating for the recreational vehicle is able to extend the lifespan of your roofing system while also providing your RV with some insulation. With that said, you can ensure that you can save money on cooling costs.

Such a product is also versatile in that it can also be used for commercial applications. It can also be applied to different types of roofs, including flat or sloped roofing systems.

Overall, most reviews about the rubber roof coating are noting of the help that it can provide them with all the time. So if you want to get those benefits and more for having an RV roof coating, you might want to get started choosing from among the superior picks on the market.

Best RV Rubber Roof Coating

Hoping that you’re able to pick the best RV rubber roof coating based on the details that you have read today. Again, there are many types of coatings to choose from and use depending on their compatibility with the roofing material you have, so choose one that matches your needs. To get started with the selection process, you can check out the top 10 picks that we have shared earlier and compare them to make a wise decision later. Buy an RV roof coating today!


  • Liquid Roof says:

    When it comes to selecting RV roof coatings, the market is huge. But never compromise on product quality and always purchase a sealant particularly formulated for RVs e.g., Liquid RV Roof. Liquid RV Roof not only waterproofs the RV roof, it reflects UV rays and is also not affected by ponding or standing water.

  • RV Roof Coatings says:

    RV Roof Magic is a true “Do it yourself” product. There is never a need for a second coat and a primer is never needed (most cases). Cut your time and labor costs in half with a one-coat system. RV Roof Magic is a professional solvent-based product with a fast set up time. Apply RV Roof Magic today and drive away tomorrow!

  • P Thomas says:

    I have an older 31-foot class A RV with one a/c and 1 gallon covered the whole roof and had about an eighth of the can leftover. I used a heavy coat on the edges and rolled the rest – goes on great and covers very well. The second coat even did better with about a quarter of a gallon leftover. Really pleased with Heng’s product and the price was very good.

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