Best RV Toilet Reviews 2022 – Composting Toilet For RV

Camping aboard the recreational vehicle gives us the chance to be with our loved ones despite our busy schedules. It also offers us the opportunity to be around trees and all the beauty of nature. For some of us, we love living in our mobile homes and feel rewarded in the process. However, we also want to experience the comfort and convenience offered by our homes. One of those we need is the best RV toilet, which is one of the most essential components of a recreational vehicle system.

But then, finding the right camper or RV toilet can be challenging without an idea of the things to look for when choosing one. It can also be complicated to compare the different options without an idea of the top suggestions on the market. In the following, we’re featuring the top 11 picks that you can use in comparing and later buying the right toilet that suits your needs.

Best RV Toilet Reviews

Thetford Aqua Magic V RV Toilet

Thetford Aqua Magic V RV Toilet

Nothing is more comfortable than your toilet at home. The closest option for you to recreate that unbeatable homey feeling in your RV is through the Aqua-Magic V by Thetford. Considered as one of the most adaptable toilets that has a higher seat and that classic home style, it is perfect for family and friends who are elderly and physically challenged. This toilet follows a simple single pedal method. By theory and exercise, with half a press of the pedal, you allow water to be added to your toilet bowl while pressing it all the way triggers the flush.

The system is very straightforward. It is designed to be user-friendly thanks to its textured lid to help resist scratches. It is very easy to clean. The Aqua-Magic V is made of top-of-the-line plastic making it both hard-wearing and lightweight. You’d be assured of a reliable toilet wherever you might be headed to.

Overall, the Thetford 31672 Aqua-Magic V RV toilet is your top choice when initially setting up your toilet system or as a replacement unit for your RV. It is easy to install, clean, and maintain. Thanks to its shallow bowl, flushing is also made better and it is packed with a potent flush action.

Dometic 320 RV Toilet

Dometic 320 RV toilet

A force to reckon with, Domestic has indeed established itself as a reliable favorite among the RV toilet manufacturers. With the Domestic 320 RV toilet series, you get to have an additional choice when choosing the perfect RV toilet throne for your mobile home. The Domestic 320 showcases a strong glasslike and ceramic design and a high seat that ensures you a toilet effectively functioning for the next couple of years.

Its enamel wood toilet seat gives you that comfortable slide-free experience while you are doing your toilet activities even while cruising on the roads. It uses a super-efficient foot pedal flush where you simply need to press the pedal and your wastes are smoothly washed away and handled to your water sewage system.

Due to its configuration, you also save water because you have control on the flushing that happens. Just in case that there might be hiccups in the toilet bowl area, the Domestic 320 series also come with a spray faucet to make cleaning a breeze. Easy to install with a classic design, it boasts a powerful flushing system. You can’t go wrong with the Domestic 302320081 320 RV toilet. It is truly value for your money.

Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

Camco is a brand well established for its high quality and economically friendly portable RV toilets. It promises the best comfort, premium features, and portability. The 41541 offers you these and more so it can be your best choice overall RV toilets available in the market.

One reason why this R toilet bowl is a standout is its water capacity. It has a 3.75-gallon tank for fresh and clean water and a 5.3-gallon tank that is completely removable. These 5.3 gallons should be enough to last you a couple of cycles before you need it to be emptied. To make sure that there won’t be any odor leaks from your blank water tank, this toilet features a sliding seal valve to take care of any potential reeks.

For 100% accident-free transportation, your black water waste tank is secured with a safety latch. It uses a bellow type flush to push the water into the water waste storage tank for waste removal. Like any other toilet system, it is best to use RV-friendly toilet paper with this so it can be broken down easily making the journey to the tank smoother. With its compact design, this one is highly recommended because it does what it promises when it comes to ensuring that you have a reliable and effective RV waste system.

Thetford 34429 Aqua Magic Style Plus Toilet

Thetford 34429 Aqua Magic Style Plus Toilet

The Thetford 34429 Aqua Magic Style Plus Toilet is a beautiful addition to your RV home. It has this stylish and classic design almost like the usual home toilets that you grew up with. It will surely make you feel at home with its full-sized, adult seat that can be personalized to your style statement. It is made of a polymer base that adds value to its overall aesthetics.

It is also following a simple single pedal flush which is very convenient to all members of the RV household. With each flush, you are guaranteed 100% toilet bowl coverage ensuring that the overall cleanliness is maintained. In addition, it also has anti-microbial seats that prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. For additional comfort especially for family members who are elderly or physically challenged, the toilet seats are also taller with a height of 17.5 inches.

You would really appreciate how similar it is to that comfortable throne that you have at home and with its powerful flush, you have yourself a full proof and highly efficient toilet system while you explore the roads and wonders of a new destination. With 10 minutes or even less of set-up, you get to enjoy the Thetford 34429 and have a hassle-free road trip.

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height RV Toilet

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height RV Toilet

You can expect nothing but high quality and durable products from Domestic and the 310 series will surely meet and exceed your expectations. You would appreciate its gravity flushing system that not only works as advertised but is also completely water-efficient. You only use the needed water and nothing more and as an RV owner, you’d know how precious water is.

The installation is very straightforward too where you just tighten the bolts in place, get the water intake line connected & basically the unit is ready to be used. It already comes pre-installed with a seal. Everything you need is provided for you. Aside from the easy set-up, the toilet seat is also noteworthy because of its comfortable full-length adult-sized seat and the convenience that it offers while still offering that sturdy make.

It is made of 100% ceramic and boasts a 360 degrees vortex flush configuration. Thanks to its powerful swirl-jet cleaning power, maintenance is a breeze. You’d be amazed at how effective that the flushing happens all around near the rim and not from the back.

Comfortable and worth every buck, this is your smartest choice when you want to be stressed about any potential toilet problems while on the road.

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Nature Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

As the name suggests, the Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet is everything green, environment-friendly, and organic. It is the greenest solution for your toilet trashes. What is completely amazing with this RV toilet is it works without water! So, if you are pretty concerned about water supply or your access is limited then more you need this as you don’t need as much compared to other RV toilets.

Since this toilet doesn’t need water, you don’t need to about refilling. You can simply empty the wastes in a compost bag that can be used in the garden or you also have the option to just empty it so long as there is ample soil. What makes this toilet the best for you is it does not compromise your overall trip experience by being worried about your tank and the status of its contents.

Proudly made in the USA, this quick-to-install RV toilet is made of stainless hardware and has a full-sized seat for comfort and suitability. Installation is easy too because there’s practically no special installation. You can use it anywhere where a toilet is needed regardless if there is no electricity or plumbing available. This is one that performs beyond expectation and is highly recommended for those RV folks who don’t like the hassle of toilet issues and still want to positively contribute to the environment.

Porta Potti White Thetford Corp RV Toilet

Porta Potti White Thetford Corp RV Toilet

The Porta Potti White Thetford Corp RV toilet did not get awarded if it is just another RV toilet out in the market. This one is a winner because of its proven portability and comfort while offering a smooth design. With its versatile design, you can use it not just for RRVs but also opt to use this for boats, vans, trucks, and basically anywhere where a potty might be needed. This RV toilet comes with a 4-gallon water tank and a waste tank with a 5.5-gallon capacity. Due to its adequate capacity, you don’t need frequent trips to the dumping station nor do you need constant water refills. This one gives you an average of 56 flushes.

Another factor that makes this unique is it is a battery-powered electric flush and this in any way, doesn’t affect its power when it comes to flushing. What is plausible is its convenient mess-free spout where the task of emptying the waste is easy to do. It has air-tight valves so you won’t have issues with leaks and with its rotating spout, you are sure that are no spills either. In a nutshell, if you like an RV toilet that is reliable with a tank level indicator and one that is built for comfort then look no more, the Porta Potti is your straightforward clean solution.

ZIMMER Portable Composting Toilet Camping Porta Potty

ZIMMER Portable Composting Toilet Camping Porta Potty

For RV users, the choice of the best toilet is always a long discussion. As much as possible, it should be as comfortable as the usual household toilets and sturdy enough for extended usage. Most importantly, it should maintain that level of cleanliness and good hygiene. The Zimmer Portable Composting Toilet Camping is the answer to your requirements.

Perfect for modern camping, this toilet doesn’t require any power or electricity. It is made of durable and heavyweight polyethylene which is perfect for the rugged outdoors.

It has a freshwater space capacity of 3 gallons and 5.3 gallons for waste which is approximately 70 flushes before it is time to refill the clean water tank. The toilet seat can also be lifted easily. There are no installations needed as well. Once you receive the package, it is already fully assembled so you don’t need any tools.
To ensure that the smell and the content are secured, the valves are tightly sealed.

The clean water tank and the waste tank are also easy to disconnect thanks to their side latches. Traveling and moving this along with you is also very easy because of the handles on both tanks. In a nutshell, if you are looking for convenience and utmost portability, the Zimmer Porta Potty is the best one to bring along on your outdoor adventures.

Leopard Outdoor Flush Portable RV Toilets

Leopard Outdoor Flush Portable RV Toilets

Highly recommended for boating, camping, RV, hiking & even for indoor use. One of its best features is its high solid base that is made of polyethylene. With its solid built, you are assured of years of quality use. It is easy to empty and has more than enough capacity for clean water and for waste. It has a dedicated 5.3 gallons tank for wastes that is equipped with a sealed gate valve to ensure that there would be no liquid or odor leaks. Thanks to its matte finish, scratches are barely noticeable.

The all-time favorite feature of the Portable RV toilet is its easy maintenance courtesy of its new T type 3 wat flush system that ensures full toilet bowl coverage.

If you need a thorough cleaning, the toilet system also breaks apart easily and goes back together just as fast.

Having this potty will make outdoor living comfortable. The maintenance required is kept at low and the unit works beyond expectations. The design is very smart and the functionality is very much tested to perform with flying colors. It fits right in on your current RV setup and makes the whole RV adventure very worthwhile and pleasant.

Dometic 970 Portable RV Toilet 5 Gallon

Dometic 970 Portable RV Toilet 5 Gallon

Another highly recommended RV porta-toilet from Domestic is the 370 series. Probably ahead among all its competitors because of its innovative and advanced touch button flush technology, say goodbye to the traditional pumping or the need to have batteries to make your toilet work. You will always be guaranteed a potent and sanitized flush each and every time without any messes.

It is a huge space saver courtesy of its lightweight and compact design but still intended for utmost comfort with its full adult-sized seat. Built to last, it is made of very reliable ABS construction that is sure not just to withstand wastes and the normal wear but also the rough environment it will be exposed to. It also boasts a tank level indicator so you can easily monitor the tank level and do the necessary maintenance required.

Installation is also a breeze and when you purchase this RV toilet, you also get the brackets needed so you can secure it to the floor. You need no further tools or any add-ons because everything has been provided for. It is a one-stop portable RV toilet and the best value for your money. Given that it is from Domestic, quality is assured and functionality at its finest.

SereneLife Outdoor Portable RV Toilet

SereneLife Outdoor Portable RV Toilet

The SereneLife outdoor portable RV toilet will definitely make your RV adventures peaceful and more enjoyable as you don’t need to worry about your sewage system at all. This portable toilet perfect for both indoors and outdoors comes with a practical carrying case so taking it with you is no issue at all. It has a capacity of 3.5 gallons for clean water and a dedicated 5.3 gallons for wastes.

Rigged with a splash-free rotating pour spout plus a piston pump flush, you can quietly and quickly empty your waste tank when full. For odors and leaks, it has a double-sealed drain valve to take care of those unwanted messes.

What makes this high recommendable is, it is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. You get more than your money’s worth because you can enjoy the many benefits of SereneLife for many years to come. It also comes with a practical and heavy-duty carrying case that makes it easier to lug around wherever you are headed.

Tested by how easy it is to operate, the SereneLife would surely make your outdoor adventures simple and comfortable. No more night trips to look for the best tree or discovering scratches on your bum the next day because you can have mobile comfort when you like it, wherever you may be.

How does an RV Toilet Work?

If you have a recreational vehicle used for camping or even living off the grid, you’d need a travel trailer toilet. It allows you to experience the convenience and comfort of being in a home. Such toilets are compact, minimalist & innovative. Many of these toilets also offer eco-friendly functions, giving owners a better experience than using a public toilet when in an RV park or camping ground does.

How does an rv toilet workOne example is that that works with several components, including an inlet device, before/after use button, high-pressure jet, solenoid & spray nozzles. This toilet has a high-speed vortex repeller where the waste goes through the fixed embedded cutting blade for optimal grinding of the waste, which will then pass through the 1st security one-way valve. The toilet also has a water trap that can prevent odor and an integrated air admittance valve that can prevent siphoning.

At the very least, RV toilets are eco-friendly because they use less water versus the toilets used at home do. Per flush, you just need two quarts of water, for instance. They are with this design to avoid wastage and promote savings. It also has an odor-preventing sewer tank that will also speed up the decomposition process aside from preventing odors.

Types of RV Toilets

Types of RV ToiletsThere are different kinds of RV toilets, which you can choose from and use for your mobile home or camper. Knowing these things, you can make a better comparison and know what to expect from each toilet. These toilets can be categorized by their primary features/technologies as well as material type. They are also with special qualities that make them ideal for mobile home use. With any of these toilets, you can make living in your RV more rewarding and convenient than without one. We’re hoping that the following information on the types of recreational vehicle toilets can help you choose one for your needs.

Gravity Flush RV Toilet

Gravity Flush RV ToiletThe gravity flush toilet is common among campers and mobile homes. It works by sitting directly above a black tank. This toilet uses the freshwater from the RV to flush solid or liquid waste into the holding tank.

One of the things that make the RV toilet an ideal choice among many RV owners is its lower price versus other toilets for an RV area. It is a great toilet to consider, no matter you’re considering an old toilet replacement or a new installation. This toilet also has great technology that works well for a recreational vehicle. It is also simple and compact, so RV owners want this type of mobile home toilet.

If you want this toilet, you can choose from one of the styles and designs to choose from and install for yourself. There is a wide range of selection for the gravity flush toilet around, so finding one for your preferences and needs shouldn’t become a problem.

Macerating Flush RV Toilet

cerating-flush-rv-toiletThe macerating flush toilet is another choice if you’re looking for an RV toilet. This toilet works with a motor-powered blade that macerates the solid waste and then turns it into a slurry before going into the recreational vehicle’s holding tank. It has a flushing technology that lets it be positioned away from the waste holding tank.

So, at the very least, it works with a macerator that has motorized grinders. They work efficiently to allow for better and easier waste disposal. The slurry that it can produce makes waste disposal easier. It can travel through a smaller hose and in a long distance. This slurry can also pass through a one-inch hose. So, with the motor in it, you can dispose of the waste even to an uphill location of a drain. Think about this when considering how an RV macerating flush toilet might be for your mobile home.

Vacuum Flush RV toilet

Vacuum Flush RV toiletThe vacuum flush RV toilet is another RV toilet type that you might want to consider for yourself when thinking about what toilet to install for your mobile home. It works simply by flushing the contents of the bowl. This content is pulled from the bowl using the vacuum vessel together with the macerating vacuum pump. When done, the content will be pumped to the large tank. This kind of setup also lets the toilet and the tank be positioned away from each other.

Instead of a siphon, an airplane toilet, for instance, works with an active vacuum. It is why these vacuum flush toilets are named this way. So, whenever you’re flushing, a valve is opening, and then the vacuum in the line starts sucking the content out of the bowl and take it to the tank. That is the basics of how the vacuum flush toilet works, which you might want to know if you’re looking to use this toilet in your mobile home.

RV Cassette Toilet

RV Cassette ToiletThis toilet type is ideal for small spaces like campervans and caravans. It is small and compact in design and can be installed easily. It has a technology that makes the compact bowl perfect for tight spaces. The cassette toilet is usually located over a cassette-type waste tank. In terms of how it works, it is very simple. The content of the bowl will drop into the tank when flushed. The waste is removed through the tank’s service door when the tank is full.

This tank is emptied into a regular toilet in the home or in a train station before being reinstalled under the bowl. It is how simple the cassette toilet works; however, removing waste out of the tank can be a hard task to do. Some people also do not like the smell coming out whenever they’re emptying the cassette tank. Nevertheless, it is one of the most portable toilets to install in a mobile home that you might want to consider.

Portable Camping Toilet

Portable Camping ToiletThe portable toilet for camping is one of the most useful toilets for people who love camping aboard their recreational vehicle. It is also ideal for tight spaces, such as small campervans. Many people who go camping also use this portable toilet, which works in a simple manner just like any other portable toilet do. This toilet is made of a smallholding tank and a plastic toilet bowl.

So, once the tank is full, you can remove the lower tank from the bowl and upper seat. Just like the cassette type of toilet, you also empty the tank below the toilet into a regular toilet at home or in a drain or disposal station before reconnecting it to the toilet. And again, while it is portable and much cheaper than other toilet types are (based on select models), it can be a challenge to empty the content of the tank, not to mention the odor coming from it.

Composting Toilet for RV

Composting Toilet for RVAnother toilet for the mobile home is the composting toilet, which can be more expensive than other toilet types are. Even so, the composting toilet is a practical and economical way of having a toilet in the RV. It is also one of the best in terms of processing toilet waste for any motorhome, camper or RV.

Also, it is important to know that this toilet is self-contained. It is also one of the best when it comes to safe use in places where you cannot find a sewage facility or plumbing facility. At the very least, a composting toilet works by composting the human waste, resulting in the organic way of handling waste, which can be used as a fertilizer. Nevertheless, they’re a useful addition to any RV in the end. It is also a great way of helping the environment. Check out one of the composting toilets available if these cool features sound great for you.

Porcelain RV Toilet

Porcelain RV ToiletThe porcelain RV toilet is lovely and elegant. It goes well with any room decoration because of its natural white color. You can count on the porcelain toilet if you’re looking for a toilet that is easy to maintain and clean as well as easy to install. All over the world, porcelain toilets are common not just for mobile homes but also for homes because of their benefits. For one, they are easy to maintain because they have no pores that keep their surface smooth. In this case, there are also no imperfections that might make the particles stuck. The porcelain toilet also does not tend to allow the buildup of bacteria.

Nevertheless, there are so many benefits for choosing an RV porcelain toilet that you might want to check if you plan on investing in a new RV toilet soon. There are many of them available on the market to check and buy according to your needs.

Ceramic RV Toilet

ceramic rv toiletIn terms of material, ceramic is another common choice. It is with special qualities, like porcelain, so it is a chosen material for a toilet. This toilet is easy to clean because of its non-porous materials. It requires less maintenance and can stay in pristine condition.

Ceramic is also a sturdy material, so it is not prone to breakage and cracking. If you’re looking for a toilet that you can use for many years, you should think about installing a ceramic toilet in your RV. This toilet type is also waterproof, one of its great characteristics. If you’re thinking about installing an RV replacement toilet, you might want to consider this RV toilet.

When choosing one, however, consider the things that you want your ceramic toilet to have, and a few include an efficient and powerful flushing system, a low-profile design & a compact build. Compare your options well, and choose the ceramic toilet that matches your needs.

Low Profile RV Toilet

Low Profile RV ToiletThe low-profile RV toilet is chosen for its features, such as comfort, especially if you have seniors or children camping with you aboard the recreational vehicle. You can choose from a wide range of low-profile RV toilets on the market. Each of them may have features, including ease of installation, cleaning & maintenance. You can also find those that offer an efficient flushing system that uses less water than other toilets do.

Nevertheless, the low-profile toilet has a great design and a comfortable height, which can make everyone feel at home. It also has a design that fits many small bathroom spaces where a raised platform is used. Some can also have an enclosed rim that can offer a great flushing system to clean the bowl efficiently with less water in every flush. Others may have an ergonomic foot pedal that adds water to the bowl when pressed partially and fully flushes when pressed hard. Finally, you can find high-end models that feature a 100% vitreous ceramic material.

Elongated RV Toilet

Elongated RV ToiletWhat differentiates this toilet is its unique shape. It has an elongated shape that makes it ideal for the small and tight space in an RV. Also, you can find those models with high-tech features, including a hand sprayer. Another thing that makes it great is its powerful flushing system that reduces water consumption in every flush, one of the things to look for when shopping for an elongated recreational vehicle toilet. Other elongated toilets also have a low-profile design that makes them great for households or RVs with children or seniors camping.

In terms of the installation, you can find the specific directions on the manual that comes with the toilet that you have purchased. You can also find a one-piece or a two-piece toilet. Also, you can find elongated RV toilets that come in different colors. And just like the other RV toilets, an elongated type can also be easy to maintain and clean, but then, you must also check for that when comparing your options.

RV Toilet Parts

RV toilet diagramKnowing your RV, its parts & the way to maintain them is very important especially if you intend to settle down and have it as your home. Being knowledgeable specifically about your RV toilet parts might be the least of your concerns but you have to put a high priority on your mobile sewage system because it can ruin everything for you.

In an RV toilet diagram, you’d find out that it is very similar to your usual household bathroom except that yours is mobile and wherever you go, your RV toilet goes with you, wastes and all. It is pretty simple. Your whole RV toilet system is composed of the seat and the cover, the seal and the valve, your pedal and hand flush, the water module, your hand spray kit, and your black water waste tank.

Unlike at home where your wastes go directly in the skeptic tank, yours you will keep on your black water waste tank until you empty it in dump sites. You have to be very diligent in maintaining your RV toilet because just a smell or leak can affect your whole mobile home. You have to be careful of the things that go down the drain and use the recommended products designed specifically for RVs.

RV Toilet Seal

RV Toilet SealAn RV toilet seal may just be a small part of your toilet system but it plays a huge part in ensuring that your whole sewage system works smoothly. A damaged or cracked seal is usually the source of bad and disgusting RV toilet smells. With very limited space, the stench is not something that you’d want to deal with or be stuck with. A really damaged toilet seal can also cause the water to leak out and pool at the bottom of the toilet. This is also in the smell and can cause your bathroom floor to rot.

Don’t worry, fixing your RV toilet seal can be pretty easy especially if you have someone who can take care of the heavy lifting. Most RV toilet seal issues can be solved by a replacement seal with a perfect fit for your current one. Get geared up with your rubber gloves and turn off all the water valves. You should disconnect all the lines and get rid of as much water as possible. Proceed to remove your R toilet by unbolting it from the floor. Get that old, damaged seal away and put in the new one & let it set before putting everything back in. It is a straightforward replacement process but can make all the difference you need.

RV Toilet Valve

RV Toilet ValveYour RV toilet flush valve is the one responsible for controlling the flow of clean water into your toilet tank. Every time you flush your RV toilet, your valve kicks into action. It is one of the first parts that usually deteriorate because of constant use and tear.

The flush valve works hand in hand with the toilet seal. They both serve as barriers against leaks in the back of your toilet. Replacing your toilet flush valve is an easy task. The valve is usually located under the toilet on the side of the water supply. When you are starting to see some leaks on the floor or continuous flushing is happening, then you’d know that the valve needs to be replaced.

Getting it done means having to go to your waste dump site and finding a flat surface for a parking lot to make the task easier for you. Due to the limited space, you have to work in, having the right tools like a screwdriver, screws, gloves and your replacement valve makes you halfway done with the task. It is something that can be done in the comforts of your toilet but if you need professional help, do not hesitate to consult an expert.

RV Toilet Flange

rv toilet flangeAn RV toilet flange is the one that connects the toilet to both the floor and to the main waste tank of your RV sewage system. You always need to ensure that the flange is tightly fitted as a loose flange will result to leaks and odor that reeks. An RV toilet flange that is completely broken is all the more difficult as well as the problems it will lead to.

Replacing your RV toilet flange thankfully is not really the hardest job but it might be a little tricky especially with the squeezed space you’ll be working in. Good thing that there are telltale signs when your RV toilet flange needs to be replaced so you can do it ahead of time. If there are the beginnings of bad odor, some leaks in your toilet base and when the toilet moves when you use it, then these are the signs that a flange replacement is already in order.

RV Toilet Gasket

rv toilet gasketAn RV toilet gasket assists in securing the toilet tank to the floor. Leaks can be caused by a broken or damaged toilet gasket and for an RV, this can really cause a smelly inconvenience. Your RV toilet gasket acts as a seal between your RV bowl and the toilet tank. Made of a rubbery material, it makes sure that the water can smoothly pass through the water plumbing. It is not common for the toilet gasket to act up. Age and deterioration is the top factor why it stops working. Like every part of your RV, it also gets worn out so lapses in its functionality happen. Another factor to consider would be rusted bolts. Bolts and gaskets go together so if the bolts are rusty, they won’t be strong enough to create a perfect seal so the chances are, there would be leakage that would happen. Lastly, the pressure for the seal is no longer strong enough. For this case, scraping off the failing gasket is your best option & installing a new one should solve all your concerns.

RV Toilet Riser

RV Toilet RiserMade for added convenience and comfort, an RV toilet riser can be incorporated into your existing toilet system to provide that additional boost. Toilet risers can provide a lift of up to 2.5 inches which makes it more convenient if you are traveling with family and friends who are elderly and physically challenged. Weaker muscles and sore joints can get in the way when using the regular RV toilet so this is where the riser will come into play.

Finding an RV toilet riser is pretty easy as there is a lot of it available locally and online. Installing it though might be a challenge and if you are not the DIY type, it is best to get a professional to do it for you. It entails having the correct set of tools as you would be needing to lift the toilet off the bowl. You might also encounter some liquid residue and be needing a little help physically. The cramped space makes this all the more interesting. Overall though, it can be done successfully without any professional help.

RV Toilet Repair / Replacement

Fixing the toilet is the least favorite task of anyone. Toilets are synonymous with waste, odor, and everything disgusting. When you are out on your life’s adventure, an RV toilet acting up a huge deal. It has a more powerful impact compared to if it is your house toilet that actually needs repair.

There are a lot of DIY RV toilet repair recommendations that you can do when your toilet needs some maintenance. The success rate is very high too as long as you have the right equipment and the patience to work in a very cramped space. Two factors that attributes to successful toilet repairs is a strong stomach and not having any fear of getting down and dirty.

Replacement parts like valves and seals are readily available in the market and online so acquiring tools and chemicals won’t be an issue at all. If leaks and clogs are not fixed with simple repair or tweaks, replacing the whole RV toilet system might be the best option for you. Again, replacing the whole unit can also be a DIY but there are plumbers and RV professionals who you might want to do the work for you instead.
With proper and regular maintenance, you can always avoid having RV toilet problems and get everything down the pipes smoothly less any smells or leaks.

RV Toilet Clogged

RV toilet cloggedAn RV toilet that is clogged can be a real inconvenience. There are a lot of ways to unclog your RV toilet when tissue or other surprise objects have caused the blockage. You can use those widely hyped plungers, augers & those chemicals meant to help dissolve the cause of the clogging.

If you have these handy dandy tools then go for it. But if you find yourself having no tools at all and are in the middle of an unknown road then going traditional can prove to be the solution for an RV toilet that is clogged. The simple but so far still effective solution is boiling water. Yes, no other frills or tricks but just boiling water. Boiling water doesn’t let anything stand in its way. It will knock out anything so pour 2 to 3 pots of boiling water and you’d find out that slowly but surely everything will just go down the drain easier than the last.

Don’t worry, boiling water will not melt your toilet or your pipes so you can repeat pouring boiling water over it as needed. It is safe for our bowl but you’d just have to be extra careful in handling the boiling water pot. Boiling water is a better and an always-available alternative compared to having to call the plumber or getting those nasty chemicals in your sewage system.

RV Toilet Won’t Hold Water

RV Toilet Wont Hold WaterAfter flushing your RV toilet, it should be able to hold a small amount of clean water in the bowl. This is to provide a stop from the black water tank to rise and your cabin’s rig. If your R toilet suddenly won’t hold water, then you have a very stinky problem on hand. Worry not, this is a common problem and can be fixed even without the need for an RV plumber.

The top reason why it would just stop holding water is associated with the blade seal. The blade seal is a simple rubber seal that when it becomes damaged, has hardened, or completely perished, stops doing what it is supposed to do. So the simplest solution is to replace your old rubber blade seals with new ones.

A bad blade seal is a fairly common problem and can be fixed right in your RV. The steps to do it can be easily found in various RV online resources and groups. The materials you’d be needing are things you already have inside your RV. The replacement seal would always have instructions specific to the model of your RV toilet brand. When it comes to blade seals, seasoned RV owners recommend also adding a new rubber seal in between the toilet and the floor flange.

RV Toilet Water Valve Repair

RV toilet water valve repairA running toilet would usually indicate that your water valve needs to have some maintenance care before opting to finally go for a valve replacement. Usually, the toilet water valve of an RV adds between 1 to 4 inches of water to the toilet bowl. This serves as a barrier against the smell of your RV sewage system.

If it fails to do this, then something is wrong with the valve. You might be looking at a stuck valve and you just need to exert a little force to get it running smoothly again. For a possible stuck valve, you can use the ‘snap shut’ method where you need to do several forceful flushes allowing the foot pedal or the flush lever to snap shut in the hopes that the water valves get released.

If the ‘snap shut’ trick fails, then depending on your toilet bowl system, there might be some pin that got loose, a spring that popped out of place, or a roller that needs lubrication. These are all components of the valve opening and closing smoothly.
Just in case these all fail, then replacing your RV toilet water valve will then be your next action plan.

RV Toilet Smells When Flushed

RV Toilet Smells When FlushedFlushing your RV toilet should get rid of any smells caused by wastes. Ideally, that is the correct setup but what if after flushing, it still smells, worst is it stinks more? Well, flushing your R toilet regularly and even putting in special cleaning agents in your bowl and tank are indeed good maintenance practices and if the smell continues to get worst, then you might be looking into a deeper issue.

This problem might be caused by the toilet leaking, a sewer tank that is damaged, a buildup, or you have just been neglecting cleaning. In most cases, the lack of cleaning and the leaking can be something you can work on but the sewer tank being damaged and a serious clog might entail asking for professional help. Depending on the gravity of the situation, a complete reform on your RV sewage system might be necessary with a thorough cleaning afterward. This can be quite a hassle too because even after getting it fixed the stench lingers.

Note that the toilet smelling bad even when is flushed can also be a built-up of all the accumulated things that go down the drain – valid or not so a conscious effort of being careful what goes the drain is very important.

RV Toilet Leaking

RV toilet leakingRV owners are required to put in a lot of effort when it comes to the care and maintenance of their waste system and nothing is more stressful than dealing with an RV toilet leaking on the floor. It is disgusting, it smells, and it causes a lot of inconveniences.

Floor leak is when the water is coming out from your toilet base after completing a flush. At times, even without flashing, water still seeps out. For these cases, usually, the culprit is a flange that needs replacement. The flange is either a piece of plastic or wax that goes under the toilet and is attached to the floor. If this needs to be replaced, the toilet needs to be pulled out.

Replacing your toilet flange can be done in the comforts of your RV. Yes, it needs some physical work to be done but is something completely doable. The only challenge is more of the tight space that you are working on. You would also need to roll up your sleeves and be ready for some protective gloves because even if you clean and turn off the water, you might still encounter some unexpected surprises. If unsure, getting an expert to do all the dirty work for you is always an option.

RV Toilet Bubbles When Flushed

Bubbles are fun but not when we are talking about RV toilet bubbles. There are incidents when the toilet bowl burps during flushing and when this happens, bubbles shoot up. Some bubbles if not controlled can get quite huge and shoot water all up to the seat and even worst to you so these is not the kind of bubbles that you’d like to come face to face with.

Your toilet burping might be an indication that it is full. Similar to when you are full from eating, you burp. For your toilet system, it is possible that the black tank is already full and burping is its way of letting you know that it is time to stop filling and flushing it. The first step to address your toilet bubbles is to go to a dumping site and empty your tank.

Should the problem still persist after an empty waste system, then you might consider checking in clogs in the drain pipe. Unclogging this with boiling water, cleaning wands or de-clogging materials is up to. If there is a blockage, the bubbles are coming from the hiccups that your sewage system is experiencing. If there is no blockage happening, perhaps you’d need to look bigger and consider possible clogs in your black tank vent. This is located on your RV’s roof and the most common cause of wedge here would be leaves. If this is blocked, the air in your black tank water can’t be released smoothly with might cause bubbles.

RV Toilet Accessories

RV Toilet Paper

RV Toilet PaperThe last thing you’d be needing in your RV is a clogged-up sewage system so you have to be very mindful of what goes down your RV toilet. Definitely, the regular toilet paper is a big no-no.

An RV toilet paper is designed to disintegrate or break quicker than regular toilet paper making its journey down the sewage system or tank more seamless. It is meant not to clog the black tank and is meant to be biodegradable. It is highly recommended that you use this special kind of toilet paper because it can also keep the readings of the RV monitors accurate.

As much as possible, it is best to use the least amount of tissue even if it is R toilet paper you are using so the flushing process can be assisted and your black tank and sensors can provide you with precise information. It will make schedules to the campsite septic or dump station more time smart too.

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RV Shower Toilet Combo

RV shower toilet comboRV users and manufacturers are always finding innovative and economical ways in maximizing space while ensuring that the overall comfort is not compromised. The shower toilet combo is one of the smartest and practical space-saving solutions that’s been created for RVs. Yes, it might get a little bit cramped but it can still surely take care of your bathroom essentials.

This setup definitely works but the reality is, the shower water can get all things wet so ensure that other bathroom needs like toilet paper and other things you don’t want to be drenched are kept covered. There is also very limited space in an RV shower toilet combo. The best thing to make it work is to keep a squeegee or even just a microfiber and mop handy to keep the walls and the floor dry every after shower.

This setup is definitely useful and can save a lot of space in your limited area. With just a conscious effort of getting everything dry, you’d see and appreciate this RV creation to be a huge blessing.

Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat

It’s always smart to have a trailer hitch toilet seat stashed in your trunk for cases where you’d really just got to go. This toilet seat is designed in a way so you can easily attach it right at the back of your truck via your truck’s hitch. This is a better idea than having to poop while you are squatting or worst, leaning against a tree. Nobody wants to have poop on their shoes or pants and the idea of scraping your backside against the tree is not amusing either.

This little hitch toilet seat is very easy to use. You can just slide it into any 2” receiving hitch and you would have a padded toilet seat for when nature calls you. It weighs about 5 pounds and this savior can support a total weight of 500 pounds. It is 18” long, 13” wide, and about 3” deep.

RV Toilet Cleaner

RV toilet cleanerUsing the same toilet cleaners that you would at home is not recommended for your RV toilet. The regular cleaning agents contain a high amount of bleach and other chemicals. You cannot have your RV’s plumbing system exposed to these kinds of concentrations because it doesn’t have a positive effect on your RV’s plumbing system which is usually made of plastic seals and soft rubber. These chemicals can cause your system to degrade faster than normal. In a domino effect, if the system is not functioning properly, you’ll be faced with leaking pipes and a system pipe that is a big mess.

The recommended RV toilet bowl cleaner alternatives can be those with plant-derived components and those that are free of mineral acids, chlorine, phosphates, and lye. Kitchen and home essentials like cedar oil and mild citric acid are best in removing water stains and can also be used for mildew and molds. These are just some alternatives that are cost-efficient and all-natural too.

RV Toilet Chemicals

RV toilet chemicalsTalking about the toilet is the least of all the dialogs but for RV owners, it is a frequent and interesting point of discussion. Since you are working in a very confined and limited space, RV owners are encouraged to have a solid proof strategy when it comes to maintaining their toilets. One way to get rid of the smell or at least tone it down is by using RV toilet chemicals.

Usually, these chemicals have enzyme or bacteria composition and are added to the RV’s black water tank. The purpose of doing so is so it can help in breaking down the tissue and the waste so the tank can be emptied easier. The chemicals can also help in preventing lumps from forming which is one of the main culprits of system blockage. RV toilet chemicals come into types which one as a liquid and the other one in powder or tablets that needs to be dissolved.

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RV Toilet Paper Holder

RV Toilet Paper HolderInstalling toilet paper for your RV seems a little trivial but for RV owners, this is an essential part of turning their RVS into a functional home. There are basically three ways on how you can effectively install an RV toilet paper holder. The first one is by drilling the holder into your RV’s interior wall. This is a permanent solution and is considered to be the most secure of all. There are available toilet paper holder sets with screws and mounts. All you need is to just drill it on one of your walls. The second method is by using the suction-type paper holder. This is recommended if holes on the wall are a big no for you. All you need is to ensure the surface where the suction caps go is clean and you are good to go. Lastly will be by using a free-standing toilet holder. This is technically for those who prefer neither the holes nor suction caps. You just have to stack up against your tissue rolls and roll one if you need it.

RV Toilet Treatment

best-rv-holding-tank-treatmentThe last thing you’d want in the middle of a road trip is your RV black tank leaking away some bad odor. The tank is within the mobile home and with limited space, the smell really does go around. So properly managing your mobile septic system is a top priority. With this, it is important that your RV tank gets the best treatment so it can process the breakdown of toilet paper more efficiently.

The toilet treatment would help maintain the wastewater system because it will ensure that the solid waste like tissue paper and those accidentally put down the drain are ground down. Usually, these treatments are non-toxic and their formulation has enhanced enzyme bacteria. Usually, they come in citrus scents and it just takes a couple of ounces for it to work. These are widely available in the market and can be in the form of a tablet where you dissolve it in the toilet water or in a liquid form where you just pour it into the toilet.

RV Toilet Seal Lubricant

RV Toilet Seal LubricantAnother tool that comes in handy is an RV toilet seal lubricant. This seal lubricant helps extend the longevity of your toilet seat and at the same ensures that the seal is operating efficiently.

These lubricants are formulated so they can deeply penetrate the toilet seal, condition it and prevent it from weakening. It also helps ensure that waste sticking will never be a problem. Normally, it is of silicone-based formula and completely petroleum-free which is overall safe on toilets. RV toilet seal lubricants make all toilet operations smoother and faster. It can be both used on the toilet seat and on the holding tank seals.

You can use a seal lubricant all throughout the season but as best practice, it is best to use it at the start of the season. You can have a follow-through and apply twice in the middle of the season and another one at the end. One bottle of an RV toilet seal lubricant should be enough for the entire season.

RV Toilet Wand

RV Toilet WandAn RV toilet wand or most commonly referred to as the black tank wand is a must-have to ensure that the sewage system of your RV operates smoothly. It also helps in maintaining the overall hygienic level of your bathroom. This is your weapon of choice if you need to dig deep in your toilet bowl.

This wand is what you push down the tank from above through the toilet with round corners that normally you can flex around. You can connect it to a valve to get water pressure to make cleaning easier and faster. This one makes pressure washing your toilet tank more effective. The toilet wand is an inexpensive but highly functional gear as this is the only possible pressure cleaning that can be done on your RV’s sewage system. It is usually the first step to unblock potential clogs on the system. You can get it ready in RV merchandise shops and even online.

RV Toilet Plumbing

RV Toilet PlumbingAn RV’s toilet plumbing or waste system works like the regular home toilet system but in a lot of ways still different. Its waste system basically follows a store, keep, and dump system.

Unlike in homes where the wastes automatically go to the designated skeptic tank, RVs actually store all wastes and fluid on a black waste tank. It is incorporated in the R system so anywhere you go, it goes with you. There is a sensor that tracks and monitors how much waste is currently in the waste tank and will provide you with a heads up if it is time to send off the waste to the receiving system which is a dump station.

There are dump stations for RVs and if done correctly without any hiccups of leaks and clogs, the system and process remain clean and smoothly operating. Unfortunately, if done wrong, you can have a solid built up and expect bad-smelling trouble all over the place.

RV Toilet Holding Tank

RV Toilet Holding TankGetting an RV toilet holding tank is highly recommended when you have additional folks joining you on a trip or if you want to go about driving longer without the need for any dump stops. If your waste system gets filled up quickly and well or dumping stations cost you more time than preferred then a holding tank would really be your solution.

An RV toilet holding tank is meant to increase the overall capacity if your RV toilet is a black tank. This in effect will prolong the time before you need to drive up the dumping station for a service visit. Overall, it will be the space where supposedly the excess wastes and solids are stored until it is disposed of properly. Depending on your recreational vehicle’s current toilet system and the number of people having an adventure, you can select from the various sizes that toilet holding tanks are available in.

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RV Toilet Plunger

rv toilet plungerLike in any home bathroom, clogging can happen & sometimes it does when you least expect it. Having remedy and emergency tools is highly recommended so you can remove the cause of the blockage and very common is your trusted RV toilet plunger.

Your RV toilet plunger can help clear the clog ineffectively so long as it is the best fit. It is best to have some water added to the bowl and put the plunger over the hole. You’d have to ensure that the plunger covers the entire hole of the toilet bowl. From there, similar to what you’d do at home, pump your plunger vigorously about 15 to 20 times and attempt to flush it. Usually, the first time works but if needed, you can repeat the process and incorporate using hot water or a septic safe toilet unclogging agent to aid the break down the block.

RV Toilet Bags

RV toilet bagsWe always find alternative ways to ensure that our wastes are disposed of properly especially if it is in a recreational vehicle because with the space being very limited, you don’t want bad odor to be all over your RV. Minimalists and DIY van enthusiasts have one way or another used RV toilet bags during their road escapades. Usually paired with a 5 or 2.5-gallon bucket and lined up in peat moss or sometimes kitty litter, they put in a toilet bag. This is a very cheap alternative.

Realistically though, it works but the simplicity of RV toilet bags and kitty litters may not be very effective because you have to dispose of your wastes each and every time you dump one on the bucket unless you use the toilet bags exclusively for tissues used for hand washing and nothing else. If all options are gone then by all means, the traditional toilet bags are the best way to do it.

RV Toilet Installation

rv toilet installationSupposed you have an old toilet that needs replacement. Turn the water pump off. Don’t forget to flush the toilet to get rid of the pressure in the waterline. Remove the plastic cover around the toilet base.

Once done, find at least one bolt. Its number is based on the RV toilet model. Then, you can unscrew these bolts, but don’t lift the old toilet at this point yet. Find the hose that is connected to the commode’s top back, and then use a cloth and put it under the hose to catch any dripping. Start unscrewing the hose.

Remove and pull the toilet straight up. See to it that the bolts stay upright. Now if you notice that the toilet cannot be lifted easily, you can rock it in directions before removing it. It can be hard to raise the toilet if it has been stuck in place for a long time.

Position the gasket sealing your toilet to the floor, and then install the new toilet. Start lining up the bolt holes and toilet, and then you can screw the fixture tightly. Now, you can sit on the new RV toilet to ensure it’s sitting in place properly before tightening the screws and bolts.

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