Heated RV Water Hose – Heated Drinking Water Hose for RVs

You’ve bumped into the right guide that highlights what you need to know about the heated RV water hose. Today, you’ll discover the things you should look for the Best RV water hose along with the types that you can choose from and use in your rig.

More so, you’ll learn about the top picks in the category so that you can later decide on what to choose based on their features and advantages. If you’re ready, let’s begin.

Camco TASTEPure Heated Drinking Water RV Hose

Camco TASTEPure Heated Drinking Water Hose


Camco 22925 Heated Drinking Water RV Hose

Camco 50ft Cold Weather Heated Drinking Water Hose


valterra aquafresh heated water hose

Valterra W01-5350 Heated Fresh Water Hose


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Best Heated Water Hose for RV

We’ve prepared a top list of the heated RV water hoses made from durable and high-quality materials. They are top-rated by RV owners to have the performance and reliable features that they can rely on. Check them out.

Camco TASTEPure Heated Drinking Water RV Hose

Are you looking for a certified safe drinking water hose? If you do, you can never go wrong with the Camco Heated Drinking Water RV Hose.

One thing I liked about it is its core, which is made with BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead-free, that makes it safe for drinking water. It is a sure value for our investment because we don’t have to worry about an unsafe hose to use for our drinking water.

Unlike standard hoses that can leave a chemical or plastic taste in the water, the Camco Water Hose does not. Water passing through it is safe for drinking and cooking. I would also like to recommend the RV hose because it can be used for homes, agriculture, livestock, and commercial or industrial uses.

You will also like to know that it features an energy-saving thermostat that only heats whenever needed. It only means savings on electricity. Who won’t like that?
Nothing will also beat the Camco drinking water hose when it comes to durability because it features machined and plated fittings, which can resist corrosion. Besides, it comes with high quality and heavy-duty exterior jacket, which can protect its electrical components and water hose from external exposure and damage.
The Camco water hose also has an anti-freeze protection down to -28˚C or -20˚F. Using it, we can have peace of mind that water will keep flowing even at extremely low temperatures.

You will also love to know that it comes with a female to male adapter, allowing us to connect it to the water source on either of the hose’s ends based on the electrical outlet’s location. Finally, this hose can operate at a standard 120VAC.

Overall, it is an excellent pick for RV owners looking for a reliable and heavy-duty drinking water hose that lasts long and serves its purpose well.

Valterra W01-5325 Heated Fresh Water Hose

Suppose you are looking for a durable and reliable heated freshwater hose. In that case, the Valterra brand might be the one for you.

One thing I liked about this product is its durable construction. It’s a leak-proof PVC hose, complying with the NSF, ANSI372 and 61 standards. Moreover, it comes with zipper installation cups at each end to enhance freezing protection.

I also like how the hose looks. It’s blue, so you can easily distinguish it. The product even has a light that flashes once the hose is connected to a 120V AC power source. The Valterra water hose also comes with hook straps for easy storage. With this, you can wrap the hose up and stow it away.

Another thing I like about this product is its self-regulating heat feature. As such, the hose supplies additional heat as temperatures drop. No thermostat is required as it only needs a power source.

Camco 22912 50 Feet Taste Pure Heated Drinking Water Hose

The Camco 22912 Taste Pure is perfect for motorhome owners who are planning to go to a place where temperatures can drop to minus-20 degrees Fahrenheit. The hose features ample protection against extreme cold. Its construction also ensures the best possible taste of water, preventing unwanted substances from contaminating your water. The hardware is heavy-duty machined and comes with excellent resistance against corrosion.

The exterior hose jackets are also durable. These are important in protecting the hose and the different electrical components of the system. The built-in thermostat also gives you exceptional control of your energy utilization. It shuts the system off when heating your hose is not necessary. The 6-foot power cord should be enough to reach an electrical outlet. If not, you can always connect it to an extension cord with an 18AWG rating. This is a reliable RV heated water hose system that frees you from problems with frozen water.

Pirit PWL-03-25 25-Feet Heated Hose

Pirit PWL-03-25

The Pirit water hose is one of the user’s favorites due to its durability and features. This water hose comes in different variations that you can choose from. There are 12 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet styles as well as a Series III and Series IV design.

What I like about this water hose is its durability and safety. The hose is made of PVC materials and comes with nickel-plated brass fittings. With this, the hose and its electrical parts are protected from extreme conditions and other damages. All its components are also fitted per the safety standards and regulations.

Another thing I liked about this product is its heating feature. The hose can be connected to a 120V heating source and automatically turns on when temperatures drop to 45 degrees F and below. Likewise, the element automatically turns off when temperatures rise above 50 degrees F. With this, you’ll have a constant water source all year round.

Camco 22911 TastePURE Heated RV Drinking Water Hose

The heated RV water hose is another top choice for a durable and high-quality hose. It is a reliable hose, which is guaranteed to last long even at freezing conditions because it features freeze protection, which ensures you can use it even in the winter.

This model is also the one to choose if you’re looking for a drinking water hose to regulate heat sources to ensure that water will keep flowing without overheating. We don’t also have to use a temperature controller or a thermostat, eliminating the need to buy one to monitor the temperature.

The drinking water safe hose is NSF 61 certified, ensuring its safety for drinking water. When shopping around for a drinking water hose, you should also look for one that comes with heavy-duty heat shrink, providing each of the hose’s ends with strain relief.

This hose also comes with female hose fittings that make it ideal to use with the campground power source or RV power. Finally, I liked that the hose can operate at 2.27 AMPs and 120VAC.

Overall, the ½ inch ID Heated Drinking Water Hose with a self-regulating heater is what you need if you like to keep water flowing even at a very low temperature and can withstand overheating.

Camco 22920 TastePURE Heated Drinking Water Hose

The Camco water hose comes with a durable PVC construction. It has a durable jacket that protects the hose and its electrical components from any damages. Along with this, the hose boasts heavy-duty nickel-plated fittings for corrosion resistance.

This product is also safe to use, so there is no worry about it affecting the health of your loved ones. Not only is it NSF/ANSI 372-certified, but it is also lead-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free. With this, you can safely drink your water.

The Camco water hose comes with a female-to-male adapter and an 18 AWG power cord to connect with a 120V power source. It has an LED to indicate that the hose is securely attached.

Another thing I liked about this product is its heating capacity. With this, you can enjoy warm water despite freezing temperatures. Moreover, it comes with an automated heating capacity to prevent overheating. The hose also has freeze protection down to -40 degrees F. Hence, the water will keep on flowing even at extreme cold.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Hose Ice Free Heated Water Hose

The K&H Pet Products water hose is the right choice for those looking for affordable and reliable water houses. This product boasts durable construction with its double walling and solid brass couplings. With this, the hose and its components are protected from any damages and unwanted exposure.

It even comes in different sizes that you can choose from as it’s available in 20 feet, 40 feet, and 60 feet variations. You can even choose whether to get the PVC or rubber version.

One thing I like about this product is its heating feature. You can plug it in for 20 minutes or so, and then you can have a flexible hose to use. Moreover, you can control the thermostat to turn the hose on or off to keep it from freezing.

The hose is also convenient to use as you don’t need to drain it between uses. Just remember to disconnect it from the water source and its attachments when not in use to prolong the product’s lifespan.

Camco 22783 TastePURE Drinking Water

If you’re looking for a reliable hose for your drinking water in your rig, you might want to take a second look at the Camco’s TastePURE drinking water hose. I liked its high-quality construction and design with max kink resistance. It only means that it won’t give you a hard time controlling or use the hose.

The Camco 22783 is reliable in that it is useful and safe for your drinking water. You can easily connect it to your faucet without any hassles. It is ideal for homes, cabins, campers, mobile homes, and travel trailers. You can use it anywhere you need a safe and certified drinking water hose.

This hose is made without BPA or PVC, which is unsafe for health. This product is certified to contain low lead, meaning it won’t harm your health with the chemical. The drinking water hose is also compliant with the Vermont Act 193 Low Lead Laws and California’s AB1953 Laws.

The hose is also long enough at 25 feet, making it convenient to use and connect to the drinking water faucet. You can also have peace of mind that it is thick enough at 5/8″ID.

Safe drinking water is essential wherever you are. For this reason, you need a dependable RV water hose like the Camco 22783. Overall, it is one of the best-heated RV water hoses to choose from and use in your rig.

NeverKink 8612-50 Drinking Water Safe Hose

NeverKink 8612-50 is one of the best choices when it comes to reliability and durability. One thing I liked about this drinking water hose is that it never really kinks or tangles. The world-renowned Teknor Apex, the first US hose manufacturer, introduced a kink-proof hose on the market.

This hose is one of their best offerings with the non-torsion system. It has a translucent stripe running its entire length to show the never kink system that can solve the common consumer complaint that is kinking.

Kinks, tangles, and twists cannot get started with this hose, and that’s one thing that I would like to note about it. For this reason, this hose is straightforward to maneuver and use.

This product is also made with FDA-sanctioned materials, so it is guaranteed safe for drinking water. I also liked that it has a rigid sleeve, which can prevent it from kinking at the faucet. You will also appreciate that it comes with a leak-proof coupling that makes it easier to attach to your faucet.

When it comes to safety, you can have peace of mind that the hose is compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, proving it’s lead-safe.

And with its patented Reflex Mesh technology featuring a mesh network of reinforcement, you can relieve yourself from the worries that it is easy to maneuver.

Overall, the NeverKink 8612-50 is for you if you’re searching for a drinking water-safe hose that is ideal for use at homes, campers, cabins, mobile homes, and travel trailers.

Teknor Apex 8503-25 AquaFlex RV Marine Hose

If you’re looking for a drinking water safe hose for your yacht, home or RV, you might want to take a second look at the Teknor Apex 8503-25. It is one of those I would like to recommend for its quality and durability. This hose can withstand heavy demands in your rig or home because it is made with heavy-duty materials.

I also liked to mention that it’s made with lead-free materials, meaning it won’t harm your family’s health. It is an essential factor we must investigate when shopping for a suitable RV hose that can keep up with our needs while ensuring our loved ones’ safety.

I’d also like to note that the hose complies with the laws, including the Customer Product Safety Improvement Act. You can have peace of mind that it passes standards and tests.

One more thing good about the Teknor Apex 8503-25 is that it is designed with ThumThing coupling. What it does is providing an easier way of attaching our hose to our faucet. With that said, we can experience the convenience of using the hose anytime.

You will also have peace of mind that it can eliminate tangles, kinks, and twists for its NTS reflex mesh technology. It is also one of those that are certified safe for drinking water. This product also has an ideal size of 5/8 inches in diameter and 25 feet.

Valterra W01-5120 AquaFresh Drinking Water Hose

There is no doubt that Valterra is one of the most trusted brands for RV gears and systems. When it comes to drinking water hoses, they have the Valterra W01-5120 that delivers top performance and keeps up with the brand’s commitment to offering us only the most reliable RV products that last long and perform well, even surpassing our expectations.

One of those things that separate the Valterra W01-5120 from the rest is its superior engineering. It is made to keep up with high-pressure water hookups. It only means no leaks and waste. If you’re looking for a tough product to deal with such high-pressure RV hookups, you might not have to look any further but choose the W01-5120.

When it comes to water flow, we should be looking for something that can save us time, and that’s one thing that makes the hose unique. It offers high flow fittings that ensure not only the leak-free operation but also a high-water flow rate. The best part is that this product can also operate at up to 160-psi pressure.

For safety, this product is made with NSF-listed materials to guarantee its safety for drinking water use. And for convenience, this product boasts its hose gripper included for easier operation.

Overall, you might want to consider the Valterra drinking water hose if you’re searching for a hose engineered to work at high water pressure and is made of high-quality and safe materials.

Valterra W01-5048 AquaFresh Drinking Water Hose

Another product not to miss when looking for a drinking water hose in our RV is the Valterra W01-5048, especially if you’re finding a hose that can operate even at high water pressure from the hookup.

It is an excellent choice for RV owners looking for a dependable water hose that can deliver top performance all the time while maintaining its durability to keep up with the harsh and changing outdoor conditions and elements.

And whenever you’re parked at a campsite where there is a high-pressure water source, you should use a drinking water hose that can keep up with it. This one can handle up to 160-psi pressure, so you can have peace of mind that it can keep up with challenging uses.

The product is also top-rated for its reliable features, including high flow fittings that ensure leak-free operation. You can always depend on the hose made with NSF-listed components to ensure its safety for drinking water use.

I’d also like to recommend this product for its complete accessories, including a hose gripper that adds to the convenience of use and top performance that we all need.

Overall, it is a decent choice if you’re looking for a heavy-duty, high quality, and reliable drinking water hose by a trusted brand. So whenever camping, you can relieve yourself from worries because you have a dependable hose around to keep up with your camping or RVing demands.

HoseCoil 3/8 inch Self Coiling Garden RV Water Hose

The HoseCoil RV water hose is another top product we should not miss in terms of the best water hose for our cabins, homes, campers, travel trailers, and mobile homes. One of its benefits is its compact storage feature. It is easy to store because it can coil to its entire 15ft length to less than two feet.

What else can be more convenient than that? It only means that it does not take up much space in storage versus an ordinary garden hose does. That said, we could save space in our rig and use it for other purposes.

Speaking of purposes, the HoseCoil is also a versatile garden hose ideal for the home, RV, or garden. So, if you want more of your investment, you might want to give this product a second look compared to other garden hoses.

One more thing that makes it a good pick is that a 2yr warranty backs it along with a 90-day return policy. That said, you could have peace of mind whenever there is something that went wrong with your hose.

You should also consider the HoseCoil water hose because it is easy to use while too lightweight. This hose is incredibly flexible that can give us ease of use in our backyard, garden, or driveway or anywhere we need it.

There is also no worry about tangling, kinking, or twisting, and that’s thanks to its innovative anti-kink design. This one also includes ¾” GHT brass connectors that can be used with standard garden or home faucets.

And when it comes to durability, you can also rely on the garden hose that can keep up with heavy demands. It is made with top-quality materials, including polyester, that ensure high performance. It also comes with an anti-corrosion coupling that can be used with different hose threads.

Teknor Apex 8602-25 NeverKink RV Marine Hose

Not to miss on this list is the Teknor Apex 8602-25. It is another top choice among RV owners when it comes to quality and durability. This product is made with reflex mesh patented technology, working to prevent any twists, tangles, and kinks. It is easy to use and operate a marine hose that you can rely on for many uses in your yacht, boat, home, garden, and recreational vehicle.

The product is ideal for complying with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which ensures its safety for being lead-free. You won’t go wrong with a hose like it that can give you that precious peace of mind regarding health safety.

Also, I noticed that the Teknor Apex 8602-25 comes with a Grip-Tite coupling that offers a leak-free and easy attachment at our faucet.

For that, we can rest assured that we won’t have a hard time operating and use a reliable marine hose. We can rely on its 5/8-inch diameter and its length of 25 feet for the water flow rate.

Overall, the marine hose is one of the best choices for recreational vehicles, travel trailers, campers, cabins, homes, and motorhomes. It can keep up with our heavy demands and challenging outdoor environments. Choose it if you’re looking for a drinking water hose made of FDA sanctioned materials to ensure health safety.

Camco 22853 Premium Drinking Water

The Camco 22853 is the best RV water hose in the category for reason. For one, it gives us the total value of our money because it is heavy-duty. When shopping around for a new RV hose, it is one thing that we must look for to ensure it works long time.

An impressive feature of the Camco 22853 is 20% thicker than standard hoses, meaning it can withstand punctures well. It also has an anti-kink design that also features strain-relief ends and machined fittings that make the hose more durable.

Another thing that makes it durable is that it’s UV stabilized. It only means that it can withstand even sun exposure. Its performance won’t degrade.
I also liked that it is a safe hose, which is made without BPA, lead or phthalate. With that said, we can ensure that the drinking hose is not harmful to our health. So it is not only for long-lasting use for also safe for the health.

I would also like to note that it’s certified by the NSF for guaranteed quality and safety. It is also CSA certified proving it is safe for drinking water and has low lead content. This product also complies with the Vermont Act 193 Low Lead Laws and California’s AB1953.

You can also count on it for its long length of 50 feet and diameter of 5/8 inches.
Overall, it is the best RV hose for its top performance, safety and quality. It is also long and thick enough to meet all demands. Choose it if you’re looking for a reliable and durable hose for your camper, cabin, mobile home or travel trailer.

Types of RV Water Hoses

Before buying an RV water hose, know that there are several types of hoses to choose from based on your intended purpose. In the following, we’ll talk about the different types of recreational vehicle hoses, so check them out.

Heated RV Water Hose

Best RV Water HoseThe heated water hose is one of the basic types of RV water hoses used by RV owners for their rigs. It is usually made with features including a thermostat that can regulate the water temperature passing through it.

The primary purpose of this hose is for heated water. It is also made from heavy-duty and certified safe for drinking water materials. You may want to go for it if you’re looking for a functional drinking water hose to use in your rig.

Heated Potable Water Hose

This type of RV water hose supplies you with drinking water. As such, the design of this hose eliminates contaminants and other substances that can undermine the safety of your drinking water. Its construction consists of high-quality, strong, and very durable materials. This is to make sure that it will not break, preventing substances and microorganisms from contaminating the water. Some products may also have special UV treatments. This increases the durability of the hose when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Because of its unique construction, you can be sure to use this type of RV heated water hose for many years.

Electric Heated Water Hose

These are RV water hoses that rely on electricity to activate and operate their integrated heating elements. Many of these systems draw their power from a 120-volt electric outlet. Once plugged, the device heats the hose through its heating element. This keeps the interior surface of the hose warm enough to prevent water from freezing. The outer surface of the hose also gets heated up to minimize the effects of cold air on the hose. As long as the system draws electricity, it can maintain the ideal temperature of the hose. This allows for the more efficient flow of water in sub-zero temperatures.

Heated Outdoor Water Hose

A heated outdoor water hose is almost similar to a heated potable RV water hose. It also includes a heating element or thermal insulation that helps prevent the water temperature from falling too low. The difference is that its purpose is mainly for water-related activities other than drinking. You can use the hose for watering your plants, washing your car and your patio, and doing other chores you may have outside the house. You can also use this hose as a shower and for washing the dishes. It is a hose with a more general-purpose than a potable water hose.

RV Fresh Water Hose

RV Fresh Water HoseThe freshwater hose should not be used for anything but for filling the freshwater tank in your rig. This water hose can supply us with cooking or drinking water. That is why it should not be used for purposes other than for drinking water purposes.

Usually, this RV water hose has phthalate-free, lead-free, and BPA-free components, ensuring it won’t leech chemicals in the water or leave a plastic or chemical smell to it.

RV Drinking Water Hose

RV Drinking Water HoseThe drinking water hose, as the name suggests, is for drinking water purposes. Water coming out from it is safe from contaminants and outer elements, including sediments that pollute or make the water dirty for human consumption. It is also made of durable and high-quality materials. Some of them are also UV treated to ensure it can keep up with harsh weather conditions. You can also rely on its long-lasting use for its durable components. Overall, this hose is certified safe for drinking water supply.

RV Potable Water Hose

rv potable water hoseAs said earlier, there are many types of RV water hoses, each with a specific purpose or use. The potable water hose is specially designed and made to work for potable water for a shower, washing the dishes, and watering the plants in our garden.

It can also be used in marine like washing the boat or yacht. It is also made from high-quality and safe materials, containing no phthalate or BPA. You might also want to opt for one if you’re looking for a reliable water hose that you can use for the mentioned purposes.

RV Water Hose Freeze Protection

rv water hose freeze protectionThe anti-freeze water hose is what to use for an RV hose that can keep up with extreme temperatures, especially in the winter. If you’re RVing even in the cold weather, you might want to use the hose freeze protection hose to ensure continued water supply in our RV. As it won’t freeze the water inside the hose, we can rest assured of continued water flow, too. Aside from such features, this water hose is also designed to be kink-free and tangle-free, offering convenience.

RV Heated Water Hose Accessories

RV heated water hoses are important in maintaining the integrity and optimal functioning of your motorhome’s water supply. This is especially true if you live in or travel to places where the environmental temperature can drop below zero. A heated water hose is not that different from your ordinary garden hose, except for its ability to keep your water from freezing. Like other systems, heated water hoses for RVs and campers can come with different accessories that optimize the heating capabilities of the system. The following are a few of the important accessories you can have for your RV heated water hose.

Heat Tape for Water Hose

A heating tape is a good solution for those who do not want to throw away their existing RV water hose. This is a product that protects the water hose from freezing. One of the most common types of heat tapes is the constant wattage heat tape. This product delivers constant wattage along the whole length of the hose. It is more resistant to weather fluctuations. The other type of heat tape is the self-regulating kind. This product adjusts the wattage delivered along with the hose, depending on ambient weather conditions. Both products keep the water hose from bursting or freezing.

Insulated Water Hose for RV

Ordinary water hoses come with thin materials that may not protect the water from sub-zero temperatures. An insulated water hose for RVs is a special kind of water hose that includes a thermal cover around and along the entire length of the hose. This increases the distance between the water inside the hose and the outside air. The insulation keeps cold air from reaching the inside surface of the hose and prevent the temperature of water from dropping. This prevents freezing and its associated risks. Insulated water hoses typically come in a different color to distinguish them from your ordinary hose.

Heated RV Water Supply Hose

There are two ways manufacturers design heated RV water supply hoses. One is by incorporating a heating element into the design of the hose. When you connect the heater control unit to an electric source, it generates enough electricity to heat the interior of the hose and prevent water from reaching freezing temperatures. Other heated RV water supply hoses come with heat tape wrapped around the hose. Regardless of the design, a heated RV water supply hose allows for a more efficient flow of water in sub-freezing conditions. It also protects and maintains the integrity of your RV water system.

Water Heater Hose Size

100 ft. Heated Water Hoses

A 100-foot heated water hose is often ideal for RV owners who park their vehicles a considerable distance from the power station and water connection. The main issue with such a long water hose is the risk of the water freezing. The longer the hose is, the more susceptible is the water to freeze. This is because it also takes more time for the water to travel from the water supply source to the RV. In most cases, such a heated water hose will have to produce more heat in terms of wattage to keep the water in its ideal temperature.

75 ft. Heated RV Water Hose

This is shorter than a 100-foot RV heated water hose. However, it can still present the same risk of frozen water. The good news is that the heating element may not require as many watts as a 100-foot system will need. This kind of water hose also has the same level of protection from the elements like any other high-quality RV heated water hose. The shorter hose can also translate to more efficient heating of water while using just enough electricity. These hoses may have a smaller diameter than 100-foot hoses. Nevertheless, they remain efficient systems in preventing water from freezing.

50 ft. RV Heated Water Hose

Most people consider a 50-foot RV heated water hose to be the ideal length. An RV has an average length of about 33 feet. You can park your RV next to the water supply source and power connection without having to put a strain on the hose. The shorter hose also translates to more efficient water heating. The hose will not need that much electricity to power up its heating element, just so it can keep water temperatures above freezing levels. You will have to pick a heated water hose that has the right diameter and wattage for optimum efficiency.

25 ft. Heated RV Water Hose

A 25-foot water hose for the RV is ideal for people who make it a habit to park very close to the city water supply source and power connection. They can park their motorhomes alongside these public utility service points. If not, then they might have to look elsewhere. Connecting to supply sources can be very challenging if you are only working with about 25 feet of hose. On the bright side, you will have fewer issues with the water freezing. You will also not have a need for a very powerful heating element. A hundred watts should be sufficient.

30 ft. Heated Water Hose

This size of RV heated water hose is almost similar to a 25-foot system. You get an extra 5 feet of hose that should give you enough room to park your motorhome at a more ideal distance from public utility sources. Of course, a slight increase in the length of the hose may require an increase in the wattage of the heating element. This helps make sure that the water temperature in the hose will not reach freezing levels. Thirty-foot water hoses for RVs are quite common. You will still need to pick the right product, depending on your needs.

Heated Water Hose for Camper FAQs

A heated water hose for a camper is a very useful item to have whenever you travel to places where the temperature can drop to below freezing. These hoses come with special technologies that keep the hose warm. In turn, this prevents the water from turning into ice. Such devices can also help in maintaining the integrity of your RV’s water system. It keeps the hose from cracking and allows the other water fixtures to function at their optimum levels. However, there are still a few questions that some people may have about a heated water hose for campers or RVs.

How does a heated water hose work?

The basic construction of a heated water hose is similar to an ordinary garden hose. However, there is an additional component that serves to heat the hose without melting or damaging it. Heated water hoses come with a heating element in the form of electrical wires. Manufacturers integrate these wires into the hose. Plugging the system into an electrical outlet delivers a charge to these wires. It also heats up the wires and warms the hose. This allows water in the hose to flow freely without freezing. This also prevents ice formation on the outside, saving the hose from cracking.

How to use a heated water hose for RV?

Here are the steps to using a heated water hose for RV.

  1. Layout the water hose to straighten any kinks.
  2. Connect one end of the hose to your RV’s water supply line.
  3. Connect the other end of the hose to a public water supply source.
  4. Find an available electrical outlet for you to plug the power cord of the heated water hose into. If the outlet is far, you can use an extension cord with the same rating as the electrical load of the hose.
  5. Wait for the system to heat your water hose.

Essential Considerations When Buying Water Hose for RV

heated rv water hose
If you’re shopping around for the best RV water hose, you should also know what to look for, as there are many choices everywhere. You must be able to consider some essential features for satisfying use. To learn how to buy a water hose for our recreational vehicle for your needs, keep reading the following tips.

  • Remember that a longer length does not apply to all situations: The length of your RV hose matters when choosing an RV hose. You might want to go for a long one, like those with 6, 12, and 25 feet. But then, if you do not know how much farther you will be away from the water source, you might want to look for a longer hose. However, longer is not better all the time. Or else, you might find it hard to store it, as it will take a longer time to do that, too. Alternatively, you might want to go for hoses of various lengths. But again, LONGER IS NOT BETTER all the time.
  • Check on the hose diameter to ensure good water flow: There are different diameters available in RV water hoses. It will translate to the water flow that you will be getting for using it. Many hoses are available with ½ inch, ¾ inch, or 5/8 inch in diameter. The measurements are based on the hose’s inside diameter. As a basic rule of thumb, the bigger diameter will carry more water. Think of that. For the best results, you might as well settle for one with 5/8 inch in diameter because it offers an ideal combination of pressure and water flow but maintaining portability and being lightweight.
  • Choose rubber for the hose material: Hoses may come in varying materials, but if you want to get more of your RV water hose, choose a rubber. It is the ideal choice of RV owners that want more flexibility and convenience in using their water hose. While other materials, such as a combination of rubber and vinyl or vinyl, only also comprise a water hose, most still prefer rubber and for reasons. Hoses made of rubber are long-lasting and tough to keep up with heavy demands. While they can be heavier and more expensive, they are for long-term use. These hoses are also better at handling hot water, resisting kinking, and preventing ozone deterioration. Rubber hoses are also useful in terms of resisting cracking. Without even saying, they can offer you more benefits than other materials can.
  • Check the bust pressure for strength: What is the burst pressure? Answer this question to determine the strength of the hose. As you may know, some campsite water hookups have a high water pressure level. If you would select a weak hose, it will be prone to rupture or burst. For this reason, you should check that you’re buying a hose with a high burst pressure rating to ensure it won’t be damaged by the high-water pressure it has to keep up with from the water source. Are you using the hose with a sprinkler or a nozzle? If you are, you must find an RV water hose that has a burst pressure of at least 350 PSI. But if you’re using for pressure washer use, you must check the user manual before buying the RV hose, as you might have to use a hose that can handle a higher PSI.
  • You should look for cast brass for couplings: The couplings are the other essential components of an RV water hose. When shopping around, you must see to it that you’re going for one that can provide a leak-free use to ensure a mess-free and no water-wasting operation. It would help if you did not go for a hose with low-quality couplings/fittings. More so, you should go for a hose with fittings, which are corrosion-free, so you don’t have to deal with rust. For a great choice, you should go for metal couplings, such as cast brass. If you’re looking for a durable option, you might want to consider cast brass that is thicker, leak-resistant, and more durable over other choices. They do not also bend easily or break down over time versus stamped metal couplings or fittings.

RV quick connect Water Hose

rv quick connect water hoseHow do you quickly connect the hose to your rig? It is easier than you think. When camping and parked in a campsite, there is a water source, which can supply pressurized water into your vehicle.

With a water inlet on our rig’s exterior, we can quickly hook up to a water source coming from a faucet or from the campground using our hose so that we can have water running on our rig’s inside. Check out the following for the steps:

  1. Remove the external cap to connect to the water inlet. Get your drinking water hose, which is approved by the National Sanitation Association. It contains no lead or rubber, or any toxic materials.
  2. Attach it to the unit or use an elbow connector for an easier and faster way to connect/disconnect to the inlet later.
  3. That’s it! Once we’re connected to the water inlet, we can expect pressurized water coming into our rig but bypassing the water pump, providing pressurized water to our toilets, showers, kitchens, and faucets.

Some tips:

  • You should be mindful of the water pressure. Some camping sites are using well with a pump, and water coming from it will have high pressure. You might need a pressure regulator to your hose before connecting it to the unit to control the water pressure.
  • You might also want to use a water filter to eliminate water contaminants and sediments from the water before it gets into your rig.

There you have the easy steps to have water supply to your rig from the city water inlet. With safe drinking water coming from the hookup, you can rest assured that things like taking a shower, using the bathroom, or cooking will be easy even when camping or having an RV trip.

RV Water Hoses & Accessories

In the following, we’ll talk about the different water hoses and accessories you should use for your recreational vehicle.

heated water hose for rv

Flexible RV Water Hose

Flexible RV Water HoseThe water hose is flexible, which makes it easy to control and handle. It can promote ease of use when connecting it to your faucet. It has a leak-proof operation, ensuring water savings. It’s also reliable for ease of use because it will not tangle, kink, or twist.

These are some of the most annoying issues that you might meet with other hoses. It is not only flexible but also heavy-duty. It doesn’t just prevent such matters but also offers durability. It will sure give you the most value of your money while also ensuring you’re not replacing it too soon. Check out a flexible but durable water hose for most of your spending. You can start with the comparison using our buying guide earlier.

Collapsible RV Water Hose

Collapsible RV Water HoseThis RV water hose is one of the most valuable because it is easy to store. It can roll into a small ball from its entire length so that you can keep it easily. You should find a hose with such a collapsible feature if you want to save time when storing your hose after use.

The collapsible feature ensures it can roll up and be kept easier and faster in the reel. It is not all, though, because high-quality ones also provide no leaks. In the process, you also save money. Many can also deal with up to 12 bars of water pressure and high temperatures up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the product selected.

Grey water hose for RV

grey water hose for rvThis hose is specifically designed and made for the grey water tank that holds the dirty water from your rig’s kitchen sink and shower. You only use this hose for this purpose.

This hose is ideal for flushing out black water or tote tanks. With it, you can keep your RV clean and sanitized and your loved ones healthy. Many of these hoses can be in bright orange so that you can prevent mixing up hoses used for drinking and holding tanks. Quality hoses are made of durable PVC, too, ensuring more value for your money. They can resist punctures and other things that might cause damage. They also do not twist, tangle, or kink and are easy to use and store.

RV Water Hose for Winter

RV Water Hose for WinterThe RV water hose has anti-freeze features for winter use or during mobile home storage in the cold season. Some of the hoses we have featured here have freezing protection, ensuring that there will still be water flowing into it even in freezing temperatures.

In some cases, these hoses are with a self-regulating heating cable for freeze protection -40˚ F/C. With that said, you can ensure it will keep working even in the cold weather. Some models are with a female to male adapter for quick connection to the water supply found on either end of the hose based on the electrical outlet’s location.

RV Black Water Hose

RV Black Water HoseKeeping your recreational vehicle clean and sanitized all the time will keep the foul odor and insects away. Maintaining its cleanliness, you can also ensure the health of your loved ones. The black water hose is what holds wastewater from your rig’s toilet, and it must be used only for this purpose.

It can keep your recreational vehicle clean because it can help you dispose of wastewater more conveniently and easier. When buying one, ensure it is a durable and thick hose to resist punctures, pricks, and other damages.

RV Water Hose Storage

RV Water Hose StorageSome RV owners choose to store their hose in a bin or use a reel to coil it. But no matter your preference, you must keep your freshwater hose away from the grey and black water hose.

Today’s RV water hoses are easy to store because many have a collapsible design. They can roll into a small ball that offers us ease in storage from their entire length. You can use a reel, which we will discuss in the next section, for storing your hose. Choose one based on the diameter and size of your RV water hose.

RV Water Hose Reel

RV Water Hose ReelThe hose reel is a spindle usually made of plastic, metal, or fiberglass. This reel is used for holding the hose when in storage. Styles include hand crank, motor-driven, or spring-driven/self-retracting.

While the hose is pulled out, the reel is putting tension onto the spring. And when the operation is complete, its spring tension lets the hose be rewound to the drum reel.

These reels are categorized based on the RV hose’s length and diameter, the rewind system, and the pressure rating. Check out the best hose reels for your RV water hose so that you won’t have a hard time storing the hose.

RV Water Hose with Heat Tape

rv water hose with heat tapeThe RV water hose with heat tape can prevent freezing during the winter or extremely low temperatures. It is one of the essential accessories to have in your recreational vehicle to ensure that there can still be water flowing from your hose even if the temperature is extreme. You can check out the following section to learn how to use heat tape on the RV water hose to prevent it from freezing in the cold season.

How To Keep RV Water Hose From Freezing

The easiest tip to prevent the hose from freezing is to disconnect it, especially in the winter or during storage. But in the following, we’re going to discuss the easy steps to follow to keep the RV water hose from freezing.

Disconnecting the hose

Fill your fresh water holding tank with water, ideally about 75% full to have enough water supply once you disconnected the hose.
Disconnect the hose from the water supply, like a faucet or water hookup. Detach it from the supply and RV connection. Store the hose in a place covered and away from the cold.

Using a heat tape

Use heat tape to prevent the hose from freezing due to the cold condition. What is heat tape? It’s a system that is used in producing heat and, at the same time, keeping the optimal temperature of your RV’s water pipes. Using it, you can keep the hose from freezing.

Wrap the heat tape along the entire pipe’s length, and then leave it hanging off your RV hose’s end. To cover it, you can use a section of insulation tubing that must be enough to cover the water hose’s length.

Wrapping a duct tape over the insulation

You should wrap duct tape over the insulation to secure the insulation that is wrapping the heat tape. You must know that the system is making use of electricity to heat the tape. That’s enough to prevent frozen water hoses and pipes in your rig.

More tips to prevent water from freezing

  • Get a heating pad and place it over the water pump of your RV. You should then plug it into the campsite’s electrical supply. Get a few towels and then lay them on the water pump’s top to protect it from the cold. You should also cover your water tank.
  • Use a small lamp and put it in the holding tank’s compartment, and see to it that it’s between the tank and the pump to add more protection and prevent frozen water.
  • Empty both the gray and black water tanks and then make sure to rinse the hose to prevent the freezing of solid waste.
  • Close your sewer valves.

RV Drinking water hose size – 1/2 or 5/8

You should ensure you’re buying the best RV heated water hose that can keep up with the high-water pressure. For this reason, you might as well go for one with a 5/8-inch diameter. It is a reliable choice without being too heavy or bulky.



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