Best RV Wheel Chocks Reviews 2022 & Why You Need Them

RV wheel chocks are one of the most important accessories that every motorhome owner should have. They protect your wheels and trailer when you park or stop in an area with soft, muddy ground.

They’re one of the most useful products in an RV, truck, or trailer and they can really help you out if you are ever stuck. Wheel chocks are great for securing your trailer, vehicle, or RV to prevent it from rolling when not in use.

Here in this article, you will come to know about the Top 10 Best RV Wheel Chocks reviews for 2022 And Why You Need Them.


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Different types of RV wheel chocks

There are different ways and methods for rolling a motorhome or RV anywhere you need, but all the things depend on your style. One method is to slip over each axle with some type of rubber tire straps that go under both wheels so that they will hardly move while they roll on the vehicle’s side.

It also keeps tires from sinking into soft ground or mud beneath an area like a snowy ravine.

On the other hand, rubber chocks are also well for when you need to get your rig out of soft mud or dirt.

Those chock balls have a black or light-colored solid bottom which is durable and reliable to resist slipping off in even muddy ground. Basically, it works as an axle-stabilizer that prevents tipping over while operating on deformation road surfaces.

Especially sandy fields can be hard to travel a great distance with trouble. Motorhomes often venture on roadways that have loose mud in the deep trenches that are wider and more than their concept tires.

The soft ground becomes like a bomb when you drive over them, with rocks, desert sand, or even dirt piles kicked up by vehicle traffic interrupting smoother.

If your motorhome wheels start to bog down or hang up slipping between two parallel lines where a groove of undisturbed plains lie after one is crossed then you ought to add on a small chock piece and try again.

What to Look for in a Good RV Wheel Chock

What to Look for in a Good RV Wheel Chock

After reading through our top 10 best RV wheel chocks reviews, these are some points that you may want to take into consideration when purchasing one:

  • Overall size and weight – The larger the chock ball, generally speaking, the more stable it will be. However, this also means that they’re heftier. If you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty or if your rig is already relatively easy.
  • Ease of use – The optimum way to get this rubber type to work is by placing a tree or two in between the wheels, along with on each side. Then you can pull it up and place it over your axle for those occasions when you really need some extra traction.
  • Durability – A quality chock should be able to be used many times. Chocks that are made of nylon may naturally break a little more than rubber ones but they’re also much lighter in weight and smaller so, if you go this route, then check them out first.
  • Size – Check the diameter, even though it should fit as long as your wheels all have the same width, it’s important to keep in mind that all chocks should be made for the same type of wheels. If, however, you want a very large one then there are ones available with as much as 6-inches which hold 26 inches.
  • Placement – Potentially this is perhaps more complex than anything else especially when trying to place an axle stabilizer between four tires on uneven terrain and at different angles. But if your RV has two axles you will find the most useful chocks to be flexible. You could either have a smaller, durable one that’s just good for the middle of your RV or an even bigger model which is perfect for when it comes to pulling in and out of parking lots.
  • Wheel width – This should ideally fit all four tires on each side with perhaps a quarter-inch gap between them if avoid damage from rubbing wheels together against tree root systems. If there is not much of this space you can have a smaller chock with an even tighter diameter to make that extra bit of use.


Why Should Use The RV Wheel Chock?

There are a few reasons why you may want to use an RV Wheel Chock. The first is that it can protect your vehicle from being moved by the wind or other elements. This is especially helpful for RVs that have a large, expensive cargo area or those with heavier vehicles that may be susceptible to damage if they’re moved accidentally.

Another benefit of using an RV Wheel Chock is parking on uneven terrain. If you don’t have a spot that is level or straight and doesn’t want to park more than once, then you may end up with your tow vehicle gaining traction on the roadbed of your RV.

This can do damage which includes stress fractures in the frame and movement toward parts that hold tires firmly in place including hub assemblies all while reducing spare tire capacity by adding weight towards sidewall members like washers.

Lastly using an RV Wheel Chockto park on inclines is also very helpful in case your RV becomes stuck. With one under each rear tire, you will be able to safely maneuver the parking brake onto the Chock and swing the vehicle back down increasingly steep embankments before quickly releasing the emergency brake.

This can help prevent slides! In fact, everyone should have at least a learning set of RC Wheel Chocks that are designed for tires ranging from 14 inches to 20-inch diameters and come in various sizes.


How to Use an RV Wheel Chock?

Using an RV Wheel Chock is very easy. This each of use can protect your vehicles also. Here is the method of using an RV Wheel Chock:

  • Locate the axle of your RV and place the chock on it in a location that will provide the greatest traction.
  • If there is snow or ice on the ground, clear it away so that you have a good surface to work with.
  • Insert one end of the axle stabilizer between each tire on opposite sides of your RV while pressing down firmly with your hands to ensure even contact between them all and to keep them in place.
  • Your setup should be similar to the one pictured on this page but if you have an even bigger truck then it would only take a few extra bolts and nuts to make sure that they were firmly tightened down so there was no movement between tires, wheel wells or any other body or exterior parts of your RV during travel as well as making it less likely for damage from rubbing against protruding tree roots below surface level.
  • If you have to park on uneven terrain, unstable, or other challenging places such as cliff faces at angles of over 90 degrees then that too can be fixed with this wheel chock.

To do it again simply take the larger model and fold in half so one end sticks out sideways from under each tire while still keeping them all firmly welded together by hand until lug nuts are snugly set up working off the momentum created between rollers of your vehicle and the desired angle that you want to portray.


Our Top 10 Picks of the Best RV Wheel Chocks

If you are looking for a quality RV Wheel Chock, our top 10 picks will help you to know more about them. It will make your choice easy. Our top 10 best RV Wheel Chocks reviews for 2022 are given below:


01. SECURITY MAN Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks (2 Pack)

SECURITYMAN Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks

Featuring a high-density, solid rubber construction and a reinforced strap with a locking buckle, Securityman’s Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks are a must-have for all your vehicle needs. Buyers can trust these non-slip wheel chocks to hold up against harsh weather conditions and uneven surfaces without damage.

Simply attach these straps securely around the tire of any vehicle that is prone to be inadvertently moved or overturned from being on sloped terrain or from excessive force.

This product is easy to attach and use. It can be folded down or removed in just seconds so you won’t have any troubles while transporting your vehicle and it will fit onto most cars, SUVs, truck wheels too.

Its ability to adapt easily with all types of rotating tires on pickup trucks allows for a quick install as well as verification that chock has been completely set before moving the disabled vehicle off-site once you are finished repairing its tire.

Specifications for SECURITY MAN Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks (2 Pack):

Heavy Density Polyethylene construction is strong, lightweight, and incredibly durable so it can withstand the harshest conditions.

The reinforced strap with a locking buckle secures each wheel to ensure that your vehicle’s tires are not being compromised while securing them using this RV wheel chock. It is guaranteed to provide you with tons of extra leverage against outdoor elements over ordinary wheel chocks.

You can maximize uptime and safety on the road with heavy-duty straps that are reinforced for added strength to maintain your vehicle wheels position against variability in the weather conditions, regardless of slope or terrain level.


  • Double-stitched for added strength.
  • Lockable buckle for quality durability that locks to stay in place and prevent theft.
  • Can use a padlock when no one has loaded RV or trailer under lock.
  • Modular in design for infinite uses.
  • Durable and lightweight construction.
  • Includes a solution to lock stored RV or trailer tires on the ground.


  • Limited range in features.
  • It May is not as wide of use or universally safe for all wheels.
  • The handle could break because it is made to support a 180-lb. weight limit.


02. RV Camper wheel tire chock with crank handle x chock

RV Camper wheel tire chock with crank handle x chock

The RV Camper Wheel Tire Chock, Heavy Duty Levering System, 2 Sets have the ability to keep your trailer safe. The pair of tire chocks are designed for use with camper trailers, camping trailers, and RVs.

They are leveraged to fit even the tightest of wheel retraction down to 3″ and extend up to 12″.

In addition to providing a safe place for your trailer wheels, you can also gain traction in soft gravel or even cement.

The chock lever mechanism will not cause damage when extended far down into the wheel well as it extends only about 2/3″ below the outer diameter of the tire.

It is also so lightweight that you could use one clamp per side and save money on other types of clamps. (The RV Camper Wheel Tire Chock, Heavy Duty Levering System’s weight is under 1 pound each.)

Specifications for RV Camper wheel-tire chock:

Dimensions: 17″L x 6″W

Weight:  1.5 pounds each

Made of strong, reinforced nylon webbing with a warp-resistant woven powder coat finish that protects the material from sun damage and contains rust due to moisture left on your trailer tire when you are relocating.

This design is wide enough for just about any vehicle without moving tires between trailers or camping equipment such as car hauling units (gas taxis). The pair of tire chocks comes with an easy-to-use, snap-on release lever for fast and safe retractions.

Each one also includes a rugged strap that keeps the halves together during use so they are not in danger of falling apart like other product versions from competitors on Amazon have had happened over time. The RV Camper Wheel Tire Chock, Heavy Duty Levering System’s weight is under 1 pound each.


  • Lockable buckle for quality durability that locks to stay in place and prevent theft.
  • The two-piece lever does not break when extended down.
  • Keeps the chocks secure because of their length versus width.
  • Works with any wheel from 6″ up to 12″.
  • Includes a solution to lock stored RV or trailer tires on the ground at home.


  • Not as strong as they look.
  • Can be hard to install and remove.
  • Take up a lot of space.
  • Can be easily knocked over by a car.


03. MAXXHAUL 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock 2-Pack

MAXXHAUL 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock 2-Pack

Made in the U.S.A, our chocks are manufactured from solid rubber and feature a precision-fit design to ensure our chocks provide a secure fit for your trailer tires, preventing trailer swaying and thereby alleviating trailer sway/slip/slide risks.

With our chock’s heavy-duty construction and superior quality, you can rest assured that our product will serve you for many years to come. Their lightweight makes them easy to carry on the go and they will be donning from moving objects.

They are made with solid rubber, which ensures that they maintain their durability over time even in harsh weather. The MAXXHAUL 70472 takes up smaller space than other competitors, making sure your car is not hindered by extra storage spaces needed for heavy-duty chocks.

Specifications for MAXXHAUL 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock 2-Pack:

Dimensions: 7″L x 6″W

Weight:  2.5 pounds each

Made of heavy-duty, rubberized material that will protect your trailer or RV’s wheels from damage when parked on the ground. The chocks have a simple design with a reinforced strap to keep them together and an easy-to-use lever makes release simple.

Perfect for reducing the noise and vibrations experienced when using a studded tire chock to park RVs or trailers on hard, flat surfaces such as concrete parking pads.

The rubber construction offers extreme comfort during any type of vehicle-mounted movement including camper conversions, trucks/vans/SUVs with heavy loads, and recreational travel in UTV’s or snowmobiles (or even snowblowers).


  • Lockable buckle for quality durability that locks to stay in place and prevent theft.
  • The two-piece lever does not break when extended down.
  • Keeps the chocks secure because of their length versus width.
  • Environmentally friendly!


  • Has no locating pins to keep them hooked in place.
  • Not for wheel covers.
  • Only hooks onto wheels with threaded or locknut lug holes (screw-bolt type).
  • Can be difficult if your wheel cover has a backing that overhangs the center of the tire lip.
  • Not long enough.


04. Camco RV Wheel Stop with Padlock

Camco RV Wheel Stop

The Camco RVWheel Stop is a security device that attaches to the axle of your vehicle. It has a locking feature so it will not release unless you unlock it, and can accommodate most sizes of tires. The stop also includes an extra-long strap to prevent it from being knocked off or stolen.

Many people are staying in the RV permanently, which means that their vehicles will be parked at home indefinitely. Having a way to secure your trailer while you’re not using it can drastically improve what is supposed to become an irreplaceable asset (your vehicle).

However, the most common designs of RV chocks do not provide much protection against thieves who want your money, especially if they know exactly where and when all of them have been left unattended.

Specifications for CAMCO RV Wheel Stop with Padlock:

Dimensions: 16″L x 9″W x 11/4″H

Weight: 6lbs.

Style: Wheel Stop

Lock Type: Sturdy Padlock and Locking Lever.

Material: ABS plastic with molded rubber straps to prevent slip-offs during use. Black Synthetic leather strap with cam lock release lever is included for emergency exit and theft deterrent application.

This replaces the original molding that has been on previous designs over the years, which was difficult to put together in seconds or quickly reattached after an accidental bump

to prevent theft when unattended. It also comes in a variety of colors that are available to choose from, but not on other models.


  • More than adequate stopping power.
  • Never loses its position when activated.
  • Easy assembly and installation (no tools required).
  • Uses a steel cable with brass clevis pins to retain the chock in place, while still allowing quick release using a common-sense lever handle on top of the unit itself.
  • Providing extra reassurance that no one can just sneak off with your property without your consent.


  • Foldable chocks lacking.
  • No locking means against theft or vandalism by thieves (hardware).
  • Rotation-sensitive wheel stop design gives it trouble when used on some wheels.


05. Dumble RV Tire Chock Trailer Wheel Lock RV Wheel Stabilizer

Dumble RV Tire Chock Trailer Wheel Lock RV Wheel

The Dumble Tire Chock Trailer Wheel Lock RV Wheel Stabilizer provides more than adequate stopping power, never losing its position when activated and being easy to assemble and install (no tools required).

It uses a steel cable with brass clevis pins to retain the chock in place while still allowing quick release using a common-sense lever handle on top of the unit itself. Providing extra reassurance that no one can just sneak off with your property without your consent Comfortable minimal rubber grip.

The Stabilizer comes in Rust-free and Stainless steel, letting you mix metal with material color to create a security package that will match the rest of the look on the trailer!

This ensures it can be used over multiple applications and years from now by those looking for accenting accessories to help complete their RV Parksite or Campgrounds items during their travels. Combined, at this time

Specifications for Dumble RV Tire Chock Trailer Wheel Lock RV Wheel Stabilizer:

Made in the USA.

Steel Bow / Elbow – 2″ to 6″. Compatible with 99% of Trailer Tires at Amazon: Hellfire, Safari Trailers & V8 products. Adjustable through 8 positions (see pic below).

Spring Load = 550lbs, max force = 7200 lbs(tested) Captured brake rivets allow slight adjustment of tension on the cable loop for each position selected. Steel Cable and Brass Clevis with 2″ hole. Pinned on a steel plate that retains the tension loop and release handle (can be adjusted where needed).


  • Stainless Steel / Rust-free (great for Marine).
  • 8 positions and adjustable cable tension, the bar can be moved closer to the vehicle.
  • Rubber pad protection on the chock handle prevents slip when hot objects are touched.


  • Hard assembly process.
  • No removal option for installation in the trailer without many tools.
  • Slideways have a tendency to not line up with tires etc.


06. Hopkins 08200 Endurance RV Leveling System with Wheel Chock

Hopkins 08200 Endurance RV Leveling System with Wheel Chock

This product is a locking device that attaches to the front or rear wheel of an RV. The design allows for a secure, stable base for your RV while on the road.

It is based on the Hopkins Leveling System and made with a Truss design to secure your load while maintaining proper level. The leveling system secures up to 6 vehicles safely and works best when used in conjunction with any of our heavy-duty antislip pad systems.

The trailer debris bag can be fitted over either one or both handrails for added protection against loose objects falling from above making this accessory kit perfect for RVs that are used in construction or flatbed applications.

People often buy Hopkins 08200 Endurance RV Leveling System with Wheel Chock online after looking at the convenient work table/work height feature. This system is also stylish and sleek, weighing only.

Specifications for Hopkins 08200 Endurance RV Leveling System with Wheel Chock:

Weight: 1.3 lbs

Height (from parallel to the ground, adjustable): 84″ – 90″; The side rails are 18″ and 10″, they can be adjusted higher if necessary.

Material(s): Steel, Aluminum Tubing Length 8′. Durability rating of stainless steel hose is 1900 psi crush force per Hopkins 2008200 Journeyman Standard Lab Rating Sample Hose Specifications Maximum Operating Pressure: 160 PSI Non-abrasive Colors: Stainless Steel and High Polish Black.


  • Heavy duty quality design.
  • Attaches to either front or rear wheels.
  • The leveler setup is lighter and more compact than other products on the market (depending on the options used).
  • Galvanized Adjustment Rail Add-on System includes 16 rails.


  • The adjustment mechanism is a little cumbersome to use.
  • Weighs roughly 1 lb during setup and transportation, but nonetheless well worth it in the long run (especially if you’re pulling an RV).
  • Maximum operational pressure which is rated as 160 PSI falls short of ‘heavy duty’ for our reviews.


07. Eazy2hD Camper Leveler 2 Pack

Eazy2hD Camper Leveler 2 Pack

The Eazy2hD Camper Leveler 2 Pack is a great option for RVs that will be used in flatbed or construction applications. It attaches to both the front and rear wheels of your RV, and it is incredibly easy to set up – even a novice can do it!

This product features galvanized adjustment rails (which means you’ll have plenty of room to make fine adjustments as you’re driving, rather than having to set up in your driveway), a non-slip rubber grip surface for easy handling, and stainless steel twin hoses with an abrasion-resistant hose clamp.

The Eazy2hD Camper Leveler 2 Pack comes with a carrying bag for easy storage, and it also has U-bolts to make level adjustments much easier. The Eazy2hD Camper Leveler 2 Pack is your best option for RVs that will be used on flatbed or construction applications, as well as cars and buses.

Specifications for Eazy2hD Camper Leveler 2 Pack:

Heavy-Duty Welded Steel Tubing Length 10′. Durability rating of stainless steel hose is 1500 psi crush force per Hopkins 2008200 Journeyman Standard Lab Rating Sample Hose Specifications Maximum Operating Pressure: Limited by the user’s vehicle’s maximum operating pressure (160 PSI); <5psi more than the tire manufacturer recommends for safe use.


  • Comfortable three-finger knobs for easy adjustments.
  • Galvanized adjustment rails with precise rail height measurement marks.
  • Attaches only to the front or rear wheels, and it doesn’t affect your turning radius at all like other products.
  • Adjustments are great because you will never have to make those pesky structural changes.


  • Stainless steel is an alloy, and alloys are prone to spot rusting.
  • May not be effective if you have a lot of inclines or hills in your yard.
  • Potential safety hazards with this product as it could cause injury if not used properly.


08. BAL 28014 X-Chock Tire Locking Chock

BAL 28014 X-Chock Tire Locking Chock

The BAL 28014 X-Chock Tire Locking Chock is a great option for those who want to keep their car or truck safe while they’re not using it.

It’s made with heavy-duty welded steel tubing and galvanized adjustment rails, so you can be confident that the product will hold your vehicle in place even if there are inclines or hills in your yard.

Specifications for BAL 28014 X-Chock Tire Locking Chock:

Type: Tire Chock-

Heavy-duty welded steel tubing, 16” long.

Durable galvanized adjustment rails with precise rail height measurement mark to ensure proper fitment on all vehicles and wheels.

Adjustment bolts allow the user to make necessary structural changes in the vehicle’s suspension system while doing so without having the product move around while driving or moving it in any way upon being placed. Raises wheels of a disabled car off ground to allow the vehicle to be moved safely.

The product is made with heavy-duty welded tubing.  Sturdy enough for inclines and heavy-use (see pro below) While it does jack up your car, the thud you feel when a car or truck gets jacked isn’t as loud because of its thick steel bars.

It’s also galvanized to keep rust at bay, which means that it will last much longer than iron chocks on most people’s driveways. It also offers 0-300lb (load) load capacity so it will take anything you’re going to put on top of your car without being overloaded or limiting.

The steering or suspension systems in any way whatsoever, yet protecting the parts underneath from damage due to shifting weight and movement should you need to run into something fast.


  • Great for off-road use.
  • The base plate is made from heavy-duty welded steel that ensures durability.
  • Made in the USA.


  • 2 areas of concern/competition with other similar items are available on this site.
  • The locking bolts used to adjust the height of each wheel bolt are stainless steel.
  • As metal items rust over time.


09. Buyers Products WC24483 Wheel Chock

Buyers Products WC24483 Wheel Chock

WC24483 is a heavy-duty wheel chock made out of galvanized steel. The product has been designed with off-road use in mind and will clamp down on the tires of your car to prevent it from moving. It has a capacity of 24lbs, which should be enough to clamp down onto most cars without having any negative effects on the vehicle’s suspension or steering systems.

The locking bolts are also stainless steel, which means that they shouldn’t rust with time. The base plate also has height adjustment, which adds to its versatility. The locking bolts can be adjusted from 0-22/24″.

Despite being made of galvanized steel (cheap when compared with other weights we looked at), it does have a fairly heavyweight for what is in essence just a forks and wheels chock only costing $9.95 /£8.99 without VAT registration.

Specifications for Buyers Products WC24483 Wheel Chock:

Brand: Buyers Products.

The capacity of the chock: 24lbs ( 11kg )

Diameter(cm):30  x 10 cm (11″ x 4″). Height adjustment range: 0 – 22/24″. Weight capacity in pounds or kilograms – 2,160 lbs / 915 kgs. Length: 20.5 cm / 8 Inches.

Width: 30cm/11″ Also is available as an 18 inches wheel chock and 12 inches wheel, not sure anyone

would need that size though? Though I thought you might want the option on hand if your car needs a little extra height!

However, this cannot be adjusted with sizes, only at the time of delivery. Here’s what buyers’ products have to say about the product on their website here.

Cheap wheel chock, The beauty of this wheel chock is that it’s designed to be super light and simple. So you can get started on your project right away not having to wait for some heavy piece of machinery or expensive pre-made solutions.


  • Made in the USA,
  • Durable and sturdy at around 2 feet wide from axle-to-axle (don’t lack space).
  • Can be used on different axles to protect against damage.
  • Made by uneven pavement Better than standard iron chocks.


  • Cheap material, only made of iron (Can rust easily).
  • Not as heavy-duty or long-lasting as some chocks.
  • The Chock Pinncher XXL is another common wheel used to secure your car while off-roading by offering support with 4 wheels instead of one!


10. Homdox Wheel Lock Heavy-Duty Car Tire Steel Anti-Theft Wheel Clamp Lock

Homdox Wheel Lock Heavy-Duty Car Tire

The Homdox Wheel Lock Heavy-Duty Car Tire Steel Anti-Theft Wheel Clamp Lock is a wheel lock at the time of order or purchase.  With its 4 legs, this product can help stabilize not just your vehicle while stationary but also help to stop theft by immobilizing the tire in reality!

As long as both wheels are locked into place with these buckled-together locks you won’t have anyone trying to steal your wheels and/or tires! Homdox’s website here contains more details as to how the product works or is used.

Specifications for Homdox Wheel Lock Heavy-Duty Car Tire Steel Anti-Theft Wheel Clamp Lock:

Brand: Homdox Wheel Lock.

This wheel lock offers a large range of sizes to fit most different types of tires, cars, and trucks. It can also be used as an anti-theft deterrent if your car is parked in a public place. 4-leg locking system:

Black plastic body for rubber protection, secured with metal locks.

Extension Offset with a retractable pin to prevent over-tightening of the lock. Penetration Proof Lock Tip: Competent in numerous different types of weather and environmental conditions including loose soil or sand as well as tight parking spots or uneven surfaces such as inclines and bumps by flexing during use/transition between automatic trunks to boot and from boot to trunk.

Old Wheel Lock Standard-On/Off Capable, typically only your car’s rims will be locked on (on a basis of having the wheels seized together), so unless you walk away with somebody else’s car or for very safety reasons walking away is not recommended.


  • Made from strong steel for long-lasting use.
  • Wide variety of sizes to fit most vehicles.
  • Can be attached to many parts of the vehicle.


  • Ordinary bolt nuts make for difficult assembly.
  • Only clamps the round side of the wheels between itself and an open or unlocked trunk lid.
  • Do not attach to a remote-locking system.

The Advantages of Using an RV Wheel Chock

An RV wheel chock is like a doorstop. It keeps the wheel from rolling away, which can be dangerous. But some of the advantages make it useful. Here are the advantages discussed below-

  • Wheel chocks are a useful way to secure your RV while you’re away from the campground.
  • They’re easy to use and can be stored in any camping area.
  • Most wheel chocks only lock onto one side of the wheels, so they aren’t as effective at securing a trailer as a regular tow hitch would be.
  • If you’re using a soft body roof shell, it’s especially important to attach the chocks properly so that they don’t crack along the rivets.
  • Some vehicles have steering knuckles inside their wheels – in which case placing one end on each side of the tires won’t work.

Don’t forget: Secure your camper with ball or gooseneck style hitches and tow straps as well!


Disadvantages of Using an RV Wheel Chock

An RV wheel chock is like a street cone. It’s used to slow down cars so they can’t spot your parking space. So let’s see the disadvantages of RV Wheel Chocks-

  • Wheel chocks can be a little difficult to assemble.
  • They only clamp between the wheel and an open or unlocked trunk lid, so they don’t secure a trailer as well as a regular tow hitch would.
  • If you’re using a soft body roof shell, attaching the chocks properly is important to avoid cracking along rivets on the roof.
  • Some RV wheel chocks hook on from under and behind the tire, so you can’t secure a trailer properly if your vehicle is equipped with universal joints inside of its rear wheels (a common feature for larger RVs such as fifth wheels).

Beware: some vehicles have steering knuckles in their front tires – in which case placing one end under one side or both sides of each tire won’t work effectively.

How to set up a wheel chock.

How to set up a wheel chock.

Setting a wheel chock is a lot like setting up a tire to rotate freely in place. The wheel chock is like a helper that will keep the trailer from rolling out of place.

  • Roll the wheel back until it is tight against your trunk wall (use something heavy, like a small toolbox if necessary).
  • Secure one end with a cable or rope and put it in place against itself so that both ends are inside the trunk space; alternatively, you can keep one side outside of both sides of your vehicle by angling it slightly away from each side on its own lengthwise tie-down bar.
  • Secure another end to the front of your vehicle with cable and tie it around a sturdy object (like your bed frame), or place it on the ground at present. This will keep the strap from moving loosely in event that does steer wheels.
  • Secure additional tie-down straps to the back once your wheel chock is in place and secured.


Recommendations of things to buy before the RV?

They sound like things we’ve all wished we had before purchasing an RV, but not everyone’s budget allows for everything on this list. But if you could afford it to buy them beforehand vs buying them when your RV is one in the making:

You’ll need to collect these pots and pans quickly because you might have trouble finding or locating time-erasable ones at any corner store or department store! Why can’t I find customized paint? How do you decide upon colors/patterns to use on your RV design?

Finding the perfect shades and designs can be a bit of a hassle because there are so many colors, brands, and recolors out there that it’s nearly impossible to choose from all of them!

That is why we supply our clients with the best ones available online by using DNV ClipArt, which is handpicked for us by our experienced graphic designers!

Best RV Wheel Chock Buyer’s Guide

To properly equip and use a wheel chock, you’ll first need to identify the vehicle’s steering knuckle(s) inside of each front tire.

If your RV doesn’t have these features, then placing one end under either side of each tire won’t work effectively. Chocks that hook on from beneath or behind the tire are more effective when securing a trailer.

Second, you’ll want to make sure your wheel is positioned correctly, to not twist and warp the vehicle’s frame.

Moreover, if you’re planning on using your RV in a snowy region or parking it for long periods of time outdoors, make sure to have both tie-down straps secured—that will reduce vibration as well.

Finally (and most importantly!), take into account that tying down only one side may lead to trouble when lifting the trailer off its special heavy-duty tires. Use multiple devices so that you can use whichever side is the most secure.


Why RV Wheel Chocks are Important?

When reversing your RV, it is important to create enough space between the trailer and car so as not to interfere with the vehicle’s steering. Chocks can help protect both vehicles by limiting the movement of the trailer while driving.

Wheel chocks also keep trailers from moving during braking or turning, reducing the chances of causing damage. Some good options for selecting the best wheel chock include.

Although wheels can’t be turned without the engine, these chocks (if used) will prevent an RV from backing up even if they are applied too close together. This is because a tire cannot move unless it has enough room between itself and the projections to do so.

Conversely, wheels have ample space when drawn upwards due to their height. Practically speaking this means that similar products can successfully be separated by some distance – typically 1–6 inches.

Moving around in an RV with a hitch towed behind means the stakes are higher than usual when it comes to trailer security.

The entire list of precautions we’ve already mentioned is incredibly important, but if you’re going to invest in permanent hardware for your setup and want to be sure these chocks will work as they’re supposed to we recommend taking them off once each year before winter arrives.


What Makes RV Wheek Chock Unique

While wheel chocks may be only meant to prevent accidentally pulling weight, this model has added functionality that allows a couple of things:

It reduces the chance of damaging rims and wheels when your trailer is backed up. If you’ve ever hit or scratched an RV’s wagon rack from back in with your larger SUV; you’d know how important it can be for safety in some cases.

Although there are many other brands on the market today like traditional wheel chocks; the quality of this model is much better than expected.

A lot of users were buying them because they don’t have to be removed every year, and not just for safety reasons either! Especially during cold winters, where skidding your vehicle can cause blowouts and other damage since there’s no snow under tires to help grasp with.

Our team at Every Trailer says they’re delighted by these as an unusual use not only because they can be raised high; but also because of the strong design.

One thing that makes these a great buy is their compatibility with other products from Perfect. The mounting bracket that attaches to the floor also features a point on it for attaching a hitch.

For example, if you have another hitch accessory from Perfect such as their ball mount. Even without a tow guide installed there are hooks available through this system. In other words, you can save some money in purchasing those accessories elsewhere and use them with your new wheel chocks!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:- What type of wheel chocks do I need?

A:- We recommend so-called “portable” wheel chocks or tire mount chocks that don’t require that you have to pull them up separately.

They work better if there’s as little friction as possible between the hooks and whatever they’re attached to whether it be a bumper, hitch ball mount, vehicle frame, etc.


Q:- Can I use them on different trailers

A:- You will need a hitch mount that you can then click into the arm (the part where it attaches to your vehicle). That’s what makes this such an affordable option and also why these are so popular right now.

From there, experts recommend using one of several accessories available in order for vehicles without lifts or other equipment they usually attach themselves with when setting up towable units. Of course, the more options you have the more possibilities you’ll be able to choose from.


Q:- Are rubber or plastic wheel chocks better?

A:- For a number of reasons there are no real answers to this question, but for the majority of time rubber is going to win. For example, rolling on plastic or solid rubber takes up less space in your vehicle than having them lift it off its wheels leading you back to the last pro feature from above.

This typically means they’ll hold better and be more practical while not leaving any type of residue behind afterward either preventing scratches, etc when you come to clean off your tires.

Some models also include a metal spike in one spot that helps with simply getting chocks set up and stable on flat ground when being used under drum brakes or other units that do not have power assistance, you want nothing preventing you from rolling the vehicle away when finished!


Q:- Are RV wheel chocks necessary?

A:- An RV chock is used in the same way a wheel chock would be, but instead of using stakes (or blocks) to force them into a place you simply use the frame’s hitch.

While this functions like any other type of vehicle air or vacuum pressure system it makes for lesser stress on your actual wheels conserving tire life and confining damage based on not pulling so tightly against them.

The only real downside to these types of purchases then are the costs, but for most RV owners there will always be more rooms to fill extra money into and chocks like these can give you sizable bangs for your buck.


Q:- How do I use an RV wheel chock?

A:- In order to properly and safely set up a typical campground-safe screw jack from stopping vehicle movement after rain or other irregular weather conditions simply snap out any three stud pegs that might come with your selected model.

Begin by firmly putting down the studs, then screw them in again to apply pressure against your wheels’ tire tread and/or sidewall. Basically, you only need to open each one up as far as they will go taking this time with a longer screwdriver if needed!


Q:- How do I keep my RV from rolling?

A:- As mentioned a chock is set up the same way as any other type of vehicle, except they simply have to be placed inside your chosen RV.

They’ll secure the axle which keeps you from rolling over and also secure approach is always safer than trying to use cordless power tools or just pulling against them with a small screwdriver!

Through the installation of both your selected product and tire pressure loss beginning a few hundred miles before that, it was long been believed the additional weight of a typical car or truck was fine in order to not keep any significant effects on the vehicle’s movement.


Q:- What wheel chocks do you all recommend?

A:- There is a diverse selection of options in places like Amazon, AutoZone, and Walmart. Among the more common types that RV owners take advantage of to set beforehand for an impartial grip on their vehicle’s tires when moving through mud or ice (or other wetter areas) include:

These sets range from as small as $2-7 each depending on where they were purchased which also means simply choose one with three screw holes!

If I’m using ones that can purchase separately rather than buying a set, I usually opt to use The Hollywood Hopper. These much-loved and highly coveted chock features have actually been in use for over 40 years now on vehicles all across the world!

They are sized specifically for your tire’s width (not rim diameter) so that they work with many different vehicle models from every major manufacturer out there thus really saving you money yet also providing dependable protection!


Q:- How do you “store” your RV/Travel Trailer/Camper?

A:- Is there a storage facility in your area? If not, it’s most likely the ideal time to sign up for RV Storage or Easy Trailer Club. You’ll be surprised at where you can locate this type of service within all 50 states because we have people offering service varying from 5 minutes away to as far as 20+ years!

And also today during with expected economy figures and technology new releases, travel (RV) is healthier than ever before!



Now that you know why wheel chocks are important, here is a list of the top 10 best RV wheel chocks to help you make the right choice. Make sure to read up on them and find out which one will work best for your needs.

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