Clicker Garage Door Keypad Not Working

Garage door openers are a part of our modern lives. They make things easier and more convenient in addition to keeping burglars and thieves from entering our garage and stealing any of our properties. However, we sometimes take them for granted, so we face issues using them occasionally.
So, what should you do if the Clicker Garage Door Keypad Not Working? If you found your garage door keypad not functioning the way that it is supposed to, you don’t have to worry. There are fixes that you can do to solve your problem. Later, you will gain access again to your garage by following these steps.

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How To Fix Clicker Garage Door Keypad Not Working?

The following are the simple steps on how to fix the most common problems of ab garage door keypad. However, these are general tips, so you might still have to check the user manual for other issues that the garage door keypad may be facing based on its model.

  • Replace a Garage Door Opener Keypad Battery
    Check the batteries
    Batteries need replacement from time to time. If you have not changed them for quite a while, you might have to do it now. It might be the reason for the trouble. It is also a common problem that you should check first to fix the garage door keypad.
    Open the garage door opener, and replace the old batteries with new ones. Find the battery compartment at the bottom of the opener. Open it, and insert new batteries. Make sure that you’ll use the same batteries to find in home depots and improvement stores.
  • stuck keys
    Look for stuck keys
    If the other fixes suggested didn’t solve the issue of the keypad not working, inspect the device, and look for any stuck keys. Sometimes, dirt and dust make the buttons on the keypad not functioning. What to do here is to clean your keypad on the outside and inside, and later see if it solves the issue.
    Get an old and clean cloth, and then start cleaning the keypad thoroughly. Use an appliance cleaner only on the outside. Ensure that the keys are thoroughly clean between each of them. On the inside, you can use a soft brush to dust out the components of the keypad. If you have compressed air, you might want to use it, too.
  • damaged wires
    Check for damaged wires
    Changes in temperature, years of use and other factors can contribute to the fraying of wires. Frayed cables are an issue for some garage door openers. To find it, you can inspect the unit and check for the wires. Take the cover out, inspect the insides of the unit, and find any frayed wires. In some cases, the issue lies on the loose contact between the wires and keys.
    If you find issues with the wires, disconnect, reattach and check that the wires are secure in place. Put the device’s cover back on, and then check if the keypad is already working.
  • new code
    Enter the locking code and use a new code
    Get the user manual and locate the part where you can find the button to use the locking code, usually in the user manual. You can use this fix if you’re having trouble remembering your pin code. Do not keep on entering a wrong pin code that might damage the remote control permanently. Press the button to enter the locking code, which is different from your pin code.
    The learn button is commonly on the motor’s side. Press and hold it until you see the light turned off, indicating the system is rebooted.
    Enter the new code, and wait for the blinking light indicating that you have recorded it. If you have at least one remote, do the same steps with each of them to keep your loved ones informed with the new code.
    You can change the pin code or access code of the opener from time to time if you forgot it. This situation happens from time to time, so you’re not alone. It is also a smart thing to change the access code occasionally to improve your safety. Resetting the code isn’t hard at all; most manufacturers usually have the same steps in resetting it.
  • Replace an old garage door opener
    Replace an old garage door opener
    There are cases when you need to change the remote controller of garage door opener if it is old. A few factors to affect the performance of the device are wear and tear, liquid spills, temperatures and humidity. Inspect the keypad, look for cracks, check for broken keys, and find potential issues. You can either fix the issue or replace it with a new controller.

Fixing the issues of a Clicker garage door keypad not working can be easier than you think it is. Follow these steps, repair the keypad for yourself, and get it working again. But if the problem persists, you might want to seek help and replace the old garage door keypad.

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