How Does AC Power Work? – What Does AC Power Mean?

To power the electrical systems of a recreational vehicle, you will be using both alternating and direct current. They can power the components of these systems. But to give you an idea, the 120V AC system runs the power outlets and RV appliances. The 12V DC, on the other hand, runs the battery and engine components of your vehicle. To understand more about How Does AC Power Work, keep reading in the following sections.
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What Is AC Power?

How Does AC Power WorkThe electric charge in AC changes direction. The voltage in an AC power circuit also reverses periodically because of the change in the direction of the current.   Briefly, the alternating current describes the charge flow that changes from time to time. Following, the level of the voltage also reverses at the same time as the current. [To produce an AC, you need an alternator. It’s a special device that can produce an alternating current.]

What Does AC Power Mean?

what-does-ac-power-meanIt means alternating current. Its name is derived from the waveform that it’s taking. AC is referred to as the standard electricity form coming out of outlets. However, you should understand that currently comes from an electron flow if you want to know what makes an AC wave, too.

Here is the thing – the electrons can move in a positive direction as they move in the AC wave. It’s corresponding the upward component of the sinusoidal wave that is produced by the current. Consequently, the wave drops when the electrons are with a negative flow.

How To Convert AC To DC Power 12v?

Convert Ac To Dc Power 12vYou need a power converter to convert AC to DC. It’s a special device that is easy to use and is compact. Many also regard it as an out of sight, out-of-mind device.

It is a space-saver that can be installed in small spaces, such as in a recreational vehicle. It also offers high reliability, efficiency & quiet operation. It can also operate automatically when a generator is running or your RV is connected to shore power.

An RV converter converts the 120V AC into 12V DC so that you can operate different 12V DC accessories and appliances. It can help prevent the draining of your vehicle batteries. Speaking of an RV battery, this special device can also maintain it. The converter can keep at least its partially charged state.

Modern converters possess varying amperage ratings. It is based on the 12V DC system requirement of your mobile home and ratings coming between 45 to 90 amps available in single/multistage configurations. It can include an equalization mode that is designed to help extend the battery’s life.

For more help, you can use an AC/DC conversion online tool or calculator. It works to help you determine your power usage amounts when trying to convert from a specific form of power to another with the use of a DC to an AC inverter.

In most cases, you only need to complete the fields with the power numbers. Then, it will do the automatic calculations. It includes the usual inefficiencies and other stuff or figures that you cannot calculate.

What Is The Difference Between AC And DC Power?

Convert Ac To Dc Power 12vThe direction of the electron flow is the primary difference between the two powers, AC and DC. The electricity is flowing in two ways, can be in a direct current or in an alternating current.

NOTE: The current or electricity is the movement of the electrons through a conductor or a wire.

In this case, the primary difference between the AC and DC power lies in the movement of the electron flow.

To give you more idea, the electrons are flowing in a single or forward direction in direct current. On the other hand, the electrons are switching directions in an AC, sometimes forward before moving backward. For household use, as an example, AC power is said to be the best way in transmitting electricity over a large distance.

Talking about the difference between an AC and DC, the power supply and source are different. The source originates from the transmission lines. It then supplies electricity directly into an appliance or a device through a power supply, which works by converting the power into a different voltage or form.

So, when considering the differences between AC/DC sources, you should know if the electricity is coming from an outlet or a battery. Many outlets supply AC power, while RV batteries commonly supply DC.

How To Open AC Power Adapter?

Open AC Power AdapterThe AC power adapter is a special electronic device used in converting the electricity amount from a wall outlet coming into the device or appliance. If the power breaker is cut or damaged, you can buy and use a new adapter. But if you want to repair your current adapter, you should open it. For the steps on how to do it, you can check out the following.

  1. Unplug the cord from the power strip or outlet if needed. Open and break the seal.
  2. Disconnect the power cable.
  3. Put the end of a putty knife in the AC adapter’s seam. You can find this seam in the center or in the position where each half of the adapter meets.
  4. Pry on the power adapter with a putty knife. Keep doing it around the adapter’s perimeter until the seal is broken. Alternatively, you can use a flat-headed screwdriver if the putty knife didn’t break the seal.

That’s how easy that is to open the AC power adapter! However, keep in mind that repairs must be done carefully. If you think you cannot do it yourself, you can ask for help and consult a professional to do the repair for you.

Nevertheless, these things are the basics you need to know about “how does an AC power work.” Knowing what is AC power and how it works, you will be better equipped with information and knowledge on how electrical systems in an RV function.

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