How Long Does It Take for Carpet to Dry After using Bissell – Shampooing

Besides cleaning your carpet, you must also know how long does it take for a carpet to dry. Cleaning carpets is essential to maintain your home’s cleanliness, the quality and comfort of your carpet. But after having it cleaned, what now? The next issue that most homeowners are concerned about is the drying time.
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How Long Does It Take for The Carpet to Dry?

If you had your carpet cleaned professionally, the pros- would tell you to stay off the carpet and let it dry for some time. And even if you do the cleaning yourself, you still must wait out a few hours before using the room again and walking over the newly-cleaned carpet.

Waiting for hours for the carpet to dry can be an inconvenience considering that we need to move around the house now and then. Further, the longer the carpet stays damp, the more it can pose some risks to your family’s health.

There is this what they call the 24-hour rule in drying a carpet. A damp carpet that goes beyond 24 hours can attract microbial growth, creating molds and mildew.

Not only does this smell, but it can also carry around spores, which can negatively impact the health of your family members, especially those who have asthma.

Aside from that, walking over a damp carpet can tear the rug’s fibers and may result in discoloration, decreasing its quality and life expectancy. That is why it is essential to have the rug dry in the shortest time.

But although we want to get our carpet dry as soon as possible, the drying time depends on many other factors. Among these are the room ventilation, air circulation, the carpet’s material, and the cleaning method.

Carpet Cleaning Dry Time

Although typically, on average, a carpet takes 6 to 10 hours before it dries completely. But as mentioned, there can be other aspects affecting dry time. Some carpet materials dry faster than others. The thicker the carpet, the longer the drying time. Synthetic fibers, for example, dry relatively quickly compared to woolen ones.

The weather and temperature are also external factors that you should keep in mind. Warmer climates and temperature accelerate the drying process. Couple this with proper air movement in the room, it will take lesser time for the carpets to dry. But drying carpets in places with higher humidity will take much longer.

Different cleaning methods also have extra drying time needed as some methods used more extreme amounts of water than others. Other equipment suck water more efficiently than others. So, to answer how long it takes for a carpet to dry depends on the method used, how wet the carpets are, and the room’s external factors affecting dry time.

This section will show you the ballpark estimate for how long it takes for a carpet to dry using different cleaning methods and equipment.

Carpet Cleaning Dry Time After using Bissell

how long does it take for a carpet to dry after using bissell

One of the more popular carpet cleaners preferred by many homeowners who choose to clean their carpets themselves is Bissell. This equipment is very lightweight and versatile to clean any everyday dirt present on the rug. It uses advanced solutions and suction to effectively clean dirt, sports, or spills in every corner of your carpet.

After using Bissell to deep clean your carpet, the drying time can take up to roughly 12 to 24 hours. But as mentioned, other factors can affect the drying time. If you have cold, moving air in the room, the drying time can only take between 6 to 12 hours. But if the air circulation is off, it will take much longer for your carpet to dry.

Carpet Cleaning Dry Time After Shampooing

Carpet Cleaning Dry Time After Shampooing

After shampooing your carpet, you need to rinse the carpet to remove any cleaning solution. Rinsing is essential because detergent left in the fibers after carpet cleaning can attract more dirt, resulting in discoloration and affecting the overall quality of the carpet fibers themselves.

Typically, after shampooing, drying time can take up to 6 to 10 hours. After this time, your carpets may feel still a bit damp when you walk over it. Depending on the temperature and air circulation, the rugs may take longer than 10 hours to dry completely.

Carpet Cleaning Dry Time After Cleaning

Cleaning the carpets can only take about 30 minutes in each room, but the drying time takes much longer. On average, home carpets usually take around 6 to 12 hours to dry after cleaning.
This time estimate is the safest one to ensure that your carpet is completely dry before moving all the furniture and walking all over the carpet again.

Carpet Cleaning Dry Time After Cleaning with a Rug Doctor

If you want fast and convenient, you can use a rug doctor to clean your carpets. Among the different carpet cleaning machines, you will surely be impressed with the rug doctor’s power. It offers twice as much extraction action to thoroughly clean off dirt and lift excess moisture from your carpet.

But that isn’t the only advantage of using a rug doctor. If used correctly, the drying time usually takes only around two hours for the carpets to dry completely. This drying time is much faster if you compare it to other cleaning methods. But you must avoid over-wetting your carpet and make sure to allow cool air in the room to help the drying process.

Now, there are steps you can do to help speed up the drying process. If you have fans in the room, turn it on, and ensure proper ventilation inside. Keep the windows open to provide adequate air circulation.

During the warmer weather, you can let the air conditioning on to help extract moisture. As for the colder season, you can maintain the temperature in the room at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
Essentially, to have a proper estimate of a carpet’s drying time, you need to know the basics. You must learn about the material of the carpet, its thickness, and fibers. Knowing this information can help you maintain a clean, safe, and comfortable carpet for your home.

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