How to Travel with a Laptop?

Nowadays, laptop forms an integral part in the life of students and office workers alike. As it is handy to use, people carry it anywhere.

However, it might pose some difficulty to a person traveling if not mindful of the proper way to carry it.

Laptops are heavy and require careful handling. It might easily be cracked if bumped into something hard or broken when dropped.

These incidents happen all the time. It causes problems with other people, as laptops are not cheap to have.

Here are some tips you need to know to ensure that your laptop is safe and intact while on travel.

Backpack with Laptop Compartment or Briefcase Shoulder Bag

How to Travel with a Laptop

If you are going to travel with your laptop, make sure you put your gadget in the right bag for added protection.

For long travels, choose a backpack with a laptop compartment over the briefcase shoulder bag.

A backpack is practical for a lone traveler.  It is easy to move with it especially if you have a long walking to do.

Handles on the regular bags are not designed to carry the weight of a laptop among other things. Your laptop can easily be damaged if the handles are broken.

The briefcase shoulder bag, on the other hand, is practical to carry for business meetings, seminars, orientations or any activities with formal attire. This kind of bag helps you avoid creases in your outfit that will surely happen if you use a backpack.

However, it is not convenient to bring for long travels because a briefcase shoulder bag has a tendency to slip from your arm from time to time that you might find very annoying if you carry other things.

Waterproof Sleeve Case

laptop waterproof sleeve case

For added protection, you can put your laptop in a waterproof sleeve case.

People tend to put everything in their bags somehow forgetting that they have fragile objects inside.

It is only practical to keep your laptop in a waterproof case if something unforeseen happens like the spilling of liquid that may cause a malfunction to it.

Fully Charged Battery and Charger

Before your scheduled travel, make sure that your laptop is fully charged. Do not expect that you can charge anytime, anywhere.

Remember, even Starbucks has limited outlets much less if you travel abroad or in remote places.

In rural areas, it takes a long drive before you come across a hotel or lodging house where you can charge your computer.

Double-check your bag to ensure that you have not forgotten to tuck your charger inside.

Again, do not expect that strangers will just let you borrow their charger for hours anytime, anywhere.

Thus, if your laptop needs an adaptor, make sure to bring one with you.

Borrowing a charger may be possible but the availability of adaptors even if you are just attending a seminar is very slim.

Extension outlet and power bank

An extension outlet and power bank is quite handy in case of emergencies. It may bring added weight into your bag, so it is better to come prepared.

Now that you are ready, here are some tips during actual travels:

Travel by Land

If you are going to commute via bus, train, taxi, Uber, and other means of public transportation, always keep your bag in front of you.

Once seated, put your backpack on your lap with your arms over it for added protection. You may also place it in the seat next to you if it is vacant.

Do not put your bag in any vehicle compartments because laptops are fragile.

It may bump into something hard that may cause the screen to crack. Also, keep your backpack locked at all times especially in crowded places.

Travel by Air

If you are going to fly, make sure to include your laptop in your hand-carry baggage for safety purposes.

A laptop needs careful handling. You do not know what will happen if you put it together with your check-in baggage.

Once on board, do not put your bag in the above compartment but rather place it under the seat in front of you to ensure that it will not slam onto anything.

Travel by Water

On the other hand, traveling by water needs extra precaution. I suggest that you use a waterproof backpack with a laptop compartment for safety purposes.

When you are traveling by boat especially the smaller ones, expect the unexpected.

Heavy downpours, angry splashes of seawater may be the end of your computer if you are not careful.

Keep these tips in mind and you are assured that your laptop will be kept safe and intact while on travel.

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