Just Bought A Travel Trailer What Do I Need?

“What camper trailer accessories do I need?” You just bought a new recreational vehicle, but now thinking about the items to which to pack it.  You’re not alone! Many travel trailer owners don’t know the most essential accessories that they need for their campervan or mobile home.  Don’t worry, as help is here! In the following, I’ve highlighted the most essential accessories that you should never go without in your RV.

RV Kitchen Supplies

rv-kitchen-suppliesOur recreational vehicle is like our second home while we’re away from home.  It will not be complete without kitchen supplies that allow us to prepare and cook our food in how we like it.  We can control what are going into as well as how much salt and sugar we add to our dishes. Of course, what can make RV cooking possible is kitchen supplies. Be sure to buy non-stick pans and pots, cutleries, dish drying rack, paper towel holder, spice rack, paper plate holder, Ziploc bags, paper plates and camping cookware.

RV Toilet

rv toiletIt is a must-have in your mobile home because it adds to the comfort and convenience of everyone aboard. An RV toilet is also a better option than not having one because of the sanitation, especially that no one knows if toilets in a camping park are clean and sanitized. So not just for comfort but also for the health and safety of everyone is one of the reasons to have a toilet in your travel trailer.

Having it, you don’t also need to worry about finding toilets or where to pee or poop in the wilderness, in the highway or anywhere you are with your vehicle.  So, if you want to enjoy camping and your life on the road, your travel trailer should have a toilet.

Leveling blocks

rv leveling blocksOne of the most annoying for RV owners is not being able to park their vehicle evenly. It is why you need leveling blocks to prevent it from happening.  By using these leveling blocks, you can keep your mobile home along with its contents even, not slanted.

RV Showerhead

rv showerheadInvest on a showerhead that comes with a pause setting so that you can preserve water. You can also find different showerheads with other features, so you can compare what you want yours to have, nevertheless.

Cleaning and dishwashing supplies

rv cleaning dishwashing suppliesEating with everyone while camping is delightful. However, washing the dishes should also be not a headache.  That is why you also need dish soap and scour pads aboard. And in terms of cleaning, you must not ignore its importance to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of your vehicle. For that, you need vacuum, broom, dustpan, bleach and all-purpose cleaner.

Entertainment accessories

rv entertainment accessoriesTo keep everyone, especially kids entertained and engaged, pack in your travel trailer with entertainment accessories.  When completing the accessories for your recreational vehicle, don’t forget about books, board games, dice, Bluetooth speaker, water toys, walkie-talkie, notebook, backyard lawn game, Jenga and board games.


RV Toilet Paper

rv toilet paperAnother essential for your mobile home is RV toilet paper, which is fast-dissolving to prevent the clogging of your system. It also eliminates the need for buying toilet chemicals because it doesn’t slow down the movement of sludge when emptying your tank into the drain station.

RV Water Pressure Regulator

rv water pressure regulatorMaking sure that you don’t blow out the water system on your mobile home is another priority.  When buying the accessories that you need for your recreational vehicle, you must consider a water pressure regulator, which control the high pressure of water present in many camping grounds. Using it, you can prevent the undue stress and eventually a leak in your plumbing system, too.

RV Water Hoses

rv water hoseBuy two hoses, one for freshwater and the other for black water. The freshwater hose must be of a different color with your black water hose to avoid mixing them up. You can also get a white-colored hose for freshwater, if you want, but it can be another color, too.  Make sure that it is a lead-free hose, which is safe for drinking water.

RV Mattress Topper

rv mattress topperImprove the comfort of your RV mattress using a topper. Select from one of the available sizes and type of materials that it has. The topper is an essential to enhance your sleep comfort just like sleeping in your home bed.  A topper is also more affordable if you are not thinking about purchasing a mattress for your RV.

Closet Organizer

rv closet organizersIt is one of the most essential travel accessories to have to improve the organization in your mobile home. This organizer is compact and space-saving, making it ideal for the recreational vehicle. It also helps increase your space, while also being affordable. Consider investing in one for your travel trailer.

RV Appliances

rv appliancesDepending on your available space and budget, you should also pack your travel trailer with appliances, such as microwave oven, fridge, TV and entertainment system.  These appliances will help improve the comfort and convenience of your loved ones.

Miscellaneous accessories and supplies

rv miscellaneous accessories suppliesOther things that you need in your mobile home are tools and accessories for emergency or as-needed use. Some of these include a tire jack, a spare tire, propane tanks, battery, hitch locks, electric brake controller and wrench.  You should also not forget about AUX cord, HDMI cord, marshmallow sticks, gas can, hatchet, flashlight and chainsaw. Also, you might want some camping chairs, a tent and a foldable table.

Shore Power Cord

rv shore power cordIf your RV doesn’t come with a shore power cord, you should get one because it is specifically made for the purpose of connecting to the shore power. Be sure to check its amperage rating before buying.


rv wheel chocksThey can help in keeping your travel trailer from rolling away when in a camping ground and parked.  The more you need it if you have a travel trailer that doesn’t have an automatic brake.

We’re hoping that you’ll be able to get these RV accessories for your new recreational vehicle for the comfort and convenience of your loved ones. The list of these items is not exhaustive, but it is a great place to start in setting up your second home. Buy these RV accessories today!


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    I have an adjustable water pressure gage & I tested it on my garden hose. With the unit closed with a nozzle & the water turned on, my gage reads 80 psi. when I open the nozzle the pressure reads 40 psi. My question is when I connect the hose to my RV & the system fills, will my pressure be 80 psi or 40 psi. I have not picked up my RV to try it yet. I’m just researching to prepare. Thanks

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