Best RV Door Locks with Deadbolt – RV Keyless Entry

RVs, due to their features and construction, is described as a home away from home. Traveling in one of these truly makes for a comfortable and convenient trip. As such, like your actual home, securing your RV is a must. Most RV owners tend to favor using a door lock since they are easy to use. However, with a variety of options, choosing one can be quite tricky. But you don’t have to worry; this article will help you out. This article will provide you with all the necessary information about the best RV door locks. Moreover, it will come with a review and FAQ section.

Best RV Door Locks

RV Designer T507 Motorhome Entrance Door Lock with Built-in Deadbolt for TriMark

TriMark T507 RV door lock

The TriMark T507 RV door lock is made of die-cast zinc alloy, making it durable and lightweight. It comes with an integrated deadbolt, which provides an extra layer of security.

TriMark’s T507 door lock is also easy to install that you can even do it on your own. For one, this lock is compatible with standard RV doors and multiple lock types.

Moreover, this door lock is inexpensive and can be found in most stores. They are ideal for those who don’t want to spend much on locks.
The T507 door lock comes with bulky keys on the downside, which some users did not like.

AP Products RV Deadbolt Door Lock – Electric Travel Trailer Lock

AP Products 013-509 RV door lock

The AP Products 013-509 RV door lock is made to withstand natural elements and travel bumps. With its Capacitive Touch Technology, this door lock is quite sensitive to the point that it can differentiate between human touches and water splashes.

The 013-509 door lock is easy to install. For one, it has no wires and runs on AA batteries. It’s also designed to fit in most RV doors.

AP Products’ door lock is also easy to use. Its integrated mousepad can be accessed using a 4-digit PIN and enables the user to control the deadbolt. You don’t have to worry when locked it since the 013-509 also comes with a key. On the downside, this door lock suffers from quality control issues.

TriMark RV Door Lock with Deadbolt 30-900

TriMark 30-900 RV door lock

The TriMark 30-900 RV door lock comes in the company’s signature durable style and design. Its brown color enables it to easily blend into your door.

TriMark’s 30-900 door lock is a paddle door lock that comes with a built-in deadbolt, providing high security of level. Because of its construction, this door lock comes with two sets of keys- one for the paddle itself and one for the deadbolt.

Moreover, 30-900 is also one of the cheapest in the market. Because of its popularity, you can find it in most stores. In true TriMark fashion, the 30-900 door lock is also easy to install. However, it can only fit into doors.

AP Products 013-531 Bauer Motor Home Door Lock

AP Products 013-531 door lock

The AP Products 013-531 door lock features its patented touch technology, enabling the user to access the door lock through mere touch easily. This feature provides high-level security as it relies on the user’s fingerprints.

This factor also makes it convenient since you wouldn’t have to carry a key around nor memorize a specific code.

The 013-531 door lock’s technology can also detect human presence such that it lights up when you are near. When you successfully locked or unlocked the device, the lock would provide audio feedback for confirmation.

For added security, the 013-531 comes with a deadbolt. It also comes with keys in case of emergencies. On the downside, the 013-531 is not as durable compared to similar models.

Fastec FIC 43610 Black Door Lock 2 Keys Deadbolt RV Travel Trailer

Fastec FIC 43610 Door Lock

The Fastec 431610 is well-known in the RV community due to its durability and endurance. Made of high-quality materials it can withstand natural elements and the rough bumps on the road.

Moreover, this product comes with a flush slam handle that enables easy operation and uses.

Fastec’s 431610 is also easy to install as its size is well-suited for most standard RV doors. It has an integrated deadbolt for extra security. As such, it also has a set of keys for the door lock and deadbolt. This model is also easy to repair due to its interchangeable parts.

On the other hand, some users complain that this product stiffens quickly. Hence, you might need to lubricate it continually.

Valterra L32BP500 RV Door Lock Rekeying Kit

Valterra L32BP500 RV Door Lock

Rekeying kits are a cheap and easy method to change your old locks. Most kits can rekey the most key brands. However, keep in mind that you must use a different rekeying kit for each brand.

The Valterra L32BP500 rekeying kit is one of the well-known products in the market. With a universal fit, this kit can rekey tubular, cylindrical, and deadbolt locks. There is also a Kwikset and a Schlage version.

This kit can rekey six locks; however, you can order extra pins if you want. It also comes with two keys and installation tools for your convenience. However, it lacks a screwdriver on the downside, so you’ll have to purchase one if you don’t have one.

RV Designer E525, Fleetwood Style Baggage Door Latch

RV Designer E525 Fleetwood

RV Designer is one of the top brands when it comes to RV door locks in the market. The company’s E525 does not disappoint.

Made of durable stainless steel, the door lock is made to last. It possesses a tight and secure grip and can bear with road bumps while traveling. For a compartment lock, the E525 is quite durable.

Moreover, it also comes in three color variations: Fleetwood, Monaco/Tiffin, and Winnebago.

This baggage-style door latch comes with fasteners to further secure its grip. RV Designer’s E525 is also easy to install since it already comes with pre-drilled holes. You just need to position it properly and screw it in place. On the downside, this door lock suffers from quality control issues.

TriMark RV door lock with deadbolt black 601-650

TriMark 601-650 door lock

Made of die-cast iron, the TriMark 601-650 door lock is durable and built to last. Its design makes it easy to use in numerous applications. Many users use this in left- and right-handed doors and close-fitting screen doors.

The 601-650 also comes with a built-in deadbolt, adding an extra layer of security. Once the lock is secure, the deadbolt is challenging to remove.

TriMark’s 601-650 is also convenient and easy to use. If you want, you can key this model to match other TriMark locks in your RV. As such, you can easily set up your keyed-alike system. But then, some users complain that this door lock is inconsistent with some models.

TriMark RV Door Lock 13438-04

TriMark RV Door Lock 13438-04

The TriMark 13438-04 is made of die-cast alloy combined with a zinc-plated chromate steel component to ensure durability. As such, the product can withstand exposure to natural elements and blunt force.

This paddle handle door lock is mainly designed for RV entrance. With its flush mount surface and single nut mounting, the product is easy to install. It can be used for both horizontal and vertical doors.

TriMark’s 13438-04 is also convenient as it can be keyed to match other TriMark door locks in your RV. As such, you can quickly build a keyed-alike locking system.

However, this product is already discontinued and is replaced by the 22660-04.

Carmtek – RV Keyless Entry Door Lock Latch Handle

Carmtek RV Keyless Entry Door Lock Latch Handle

The Carmtek is made of zinc alloy and flame-retardant nylon, making it one of the most durable products in the market. Its locking mechanism is also made of heavy-duty steel.

Moreover, this door lock is easy to install as it comes with the necessary mounting hardware and a clear set of instructions. It is compatible with most standard RV doors and only takes 5-10 minutes to install.

Carmtek’s door lock is easy to use. For one, the keypad is easy to program and set-up. You can also choose to use either the wireless fobs or the keys to access the lock. But then, this product sometimes suffers from quality control issues.

Types of RV Door Locks

type rv door locksRV door locks come in different types, styles, and designs. It is because of this variety that makes choosing one difficult. The type of RV door lock to purchase depends on your needs and preferences. Before buying one, you will have to consider the design of your RV’s door and such. You will also have to decide on what style you prefer in terms of convenience. Some questions that you need to ask yourself would be:

  • Do you want an electric one or the traditional model?
  • Do you prefer having a keypad?
  • Do you want added features in your RV door lock?

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RV Door Locks Keyless Entry

RV Door Locks Keyless EntryAs in its name, RV keyless door locks do not use a key system. Instead, they rely on an automatic coding system. As such, you will need to set up and input the code in the lock’s keypad when using it.

Because of this system, keyless door locks are quite convenient to use. Here, you wouldn’t have to keep and bring a key with you continually. Hence, they have become increasingly popular among RV owners.

Keyless locks are also more secure since they do not have safety that one can pick at. Thieves would have to hack the coding system to enter.

RV Door Locks Keyed Alike

RV Door Locks Keyed AlikeRV door locks also come in keyed-alike systems. This type can be quite convenient as you will only use one key to open several locks. As such, you can use that key to open your door locks, compartment locks, and other types, for example.

Because of this, you will avoid the hassle of carrying multiple keys.

However, it can be expensive to upgrade to keyed-alike systems, and you will have to consider numerous factors.

It can also be a hassle when you lose the key. Nevertheless, most keyed-alike mechanisms come with spare keys just for these situations. If this does not work, it’s relatively easy to replace the system’s key.

RV Entry Door Locks

Entry door locks are dubbed as traditional locks and are similar in construction to your RV’s original lock. They also tend to have two sets of keys for added security.

As such, these types of locks rely on a simple keying system. You will need to slot in your key to enter your RV.

Because of their no-nonsense installation and construction, entry door locks are versatile and adaptable. Many users tend to use them in other applications such as cabinets and the like.

Moreover, they are also relatively cheap. You can even find high-quality models at just a fraction of the price.

Electric RV Door Lock

Electric RV Door LockElectric RV door locks represent a newer generation of locking systems for your vehicle. With a sophisticated automated system, these lock types are easy to use and monitor. Hence, their growing popularity.

For example, you can conveniently lock your RV at some distance away from your car. There are even some models that enable you to lock your RV at certain times in the day. Some models also come with a smartphone app, making it easier to use.

Electric door locks tend to combine the keyed and keyless locking system. As such, you can open the lock using a key or through the electric system.

RV Door Latch

RV Door LatchRV door latches are not used for security purposes since they are a somewhat weak type of lock. Instead, many usually use them as an added security or keep the doors from suddenly swinging open during travels.

RV door latches consist of two parts. One component attaches to the front of your door while the other part connects to the wall or the RV’s side. The latter feature also contains a rod to hook it in the latch.

Because of that, they are relatively easy to install. But then again, these latches are flimsy when it comes to security. RV door latches also come in different styles- the most popular ones being the T-style versions.

RV Door Handle

RV Door HandleRV door handle locks are like door locks you find in apartments and residential homes. Because of this similarity, many users have an easy time using these locks.

Moreover, door handle locks come in different styles and colors that you can choose from. With these choices, they can easily complement your RV. These types also come with additional key sets for your security and convenience.

These types of locks belong to the traditional category. As such, you will need to use a key to enter your RV. Unlike other conventional types, these locks come with a handle that either lifts upward or downward, depending on its design.

RV Door Lock Cylinder & Keys

RV Door Lock Cylinder KeysOne of the traditional lock types, the door lock cylinder consists of a cylinder, a bolt/ latch, and a box and strike plate.

The cylinder is the lock body and is relatively small. As such, these locks are easy to install and use. Many users are also familiar with this lock since they can also be found in cabinets, drawers, and the like.

The cylinder lock also uses a bolt, which is either a spring-type or a deadbolt. It’s found inside your door. On the other hand, the box and strike plate run from the cylinder to the square-shaped hole. They are made to secure the bolt when the lock is engaged.

High-Security RV Door Locks

High Security RV Door LocksHigh-security door locks (also known as HSEC) utilize a combination of electric and traditional systems. Because of this, they provide a higher security level than their usual counterparts.

HSECs use two levels of biaxial key cutting, which results in different angled cuts, making it challenging to pick.

Moreover, they are also re-keyable, which means you can easily reset the locks. As such, when someone uses the lost/stolen key, they will be denied access. These changes can be done using cloud-based key tracking software.

Most HSECs are also customizable. Many users enjoy this feature since they can produce a system that is completely tailored to their needs.

RV Door Lock with Keypad

RV Door Lock with KeypadRV door locks with keypads are categorized under the electric models. Being one of the newer models, these door locks provide better security compared to the traditional models.

As in their name, these door locks come with a keypad. As such, you can only open the door using the passcode it comes with or the one you inputted into the system.

With this system, you avoid the hassle of keys. Moreover, most keypad locks come with a smartphone app that efficiently uses and monitors the door lock using Wi-Fi. Some models even come with extra features such as alarms and the like.

RV Compartment Door Locks

RVs come with numerous compartments in various shapes and sizes. Because of their variety, these compartments can store a lot of goods and items. It is because of these storage units that make traveling in an RV quite comfortable.

Compartment door locks are not so much for security that they are installed to keep your items from spilling out while traveling. There are different locks available in the market that you can choose from.

What type of compartment door lock you get depends on your preferences. However, first, ensure that your lock is compatible with your compartment door. Here are the different compartment door locks available:

RV Storage Door Locks

RV Storage Door LocksRV compartment door locks differ in a lot of ways- materials, sizes, and styles. Regardless of what model you will choose, you must ensure that the lock is compatible with your compartment door.

Because of their construction, compartment door locks are popular among RV owners. They are relatively easy to use since they are like the locks you often see in cabinets and the like.

They are also relatively cheap, and you can find them in most stores and online sites. Compartment locks often have extra keys for convenience; however, its keys are easy to replace if you ever lose one.

RV Compartment Locks Keyed Alike

RV compartment locks that work on keyed-alike mechanisms are more convenient. Because of their system, you will only have to use one key to open several locks.
For example, you can use the same key to open your RV’s door, compartment, and interior lock.

While that may be so, it can be a hassle to upgrade your locks to a keyed-alike system. For one, you will have to replace your existing locks, which can be quite pricey.

Moreover, it can be quite a hassle when you misplace your key. Nevertheless, most keyed-alike systems provide spare keys to prevent this situation.

RV Interior Door Locks

RV interior door locks are an underrated but essential component in your RV home. for one, they are a versatile and adaptable lock type such that you can use them in several applications.

They provide a semblance of security from other passengers and give the user their own space. Some of these locks are also used to secure items in place while traveling.

Like all products, interior door locks come in different styles and types that you can choose from. However, before purchasing one, make sure that they are compatible with your door type and determine if they are the best option to use.

Here are the different RV interior door locks available:

RV Cabinet Door Locks

RV Cabinet Door LocksRV cabinet door locks have similarities with a typical door lock. It consists of a tumbler for its door lock and a lock bar.

The tumbler part is where you will need to insert your key. If the key fits, the tumbler twists into the open position and releases the set lock.

The tumbler’s action affects the lock bar’s position. When you turn the tumbler to lock, this action raises the bolt into a hole in the cabinet’s shelf, locking it into place. Similarly, it’s unlocked, the bolt will again slide down.

Cabinet door locks are relatively easy to install and uninstall as you’ll only need to drill a hole into your cabinet. They are also easy to replace in case of damages.

RV Refrigerator Door Lock

RV Refrigerator Door LockRefrigerator door locks are not meant for security purposes, but they are there to prevent food items from spilling out during travels.

They are also ideal to have when traveling with children and pets as the locks prevent them from opening the fridge.

RV refrigerator door locks usually come in latch-based types or padlock-based models. The type of door lock to get depends on your preference.

Many users prefer the latter types since they are convenient and easy to use. On the other hand, latch-based types require you to install the bolt system. Many users install this using a liquid adhesive.

RV Baggage Door Locks

RV Baggage Door LocksBaggage doors are one of the RV’s most essential but underrated features. These doors provide convenient storage space for the passengers to store their gears and other belongings.

As such, door locks are imperative to install on these doors to ensure security and prevent these items from accidentally spilling out during bumpy travels.

RV baggage door locks come in different types, styles, and colors. The popular ones in the market include the slam latch, thumb latch, and the keyed lock.

These types are not only easy to use, but they are also easy to install. They are also like other locks you can find in your RV or residential home. As such, they have a sense of familiarity.

RV Entrance Door Locks

RV Entrance Door LocksBeing your home away from home, your RV undoubtedly contains precious and valuable items that need protection. Hence, installing an entrance door lock is a must as it adds a layer of security to your RV home.

RV entrance door locks differ in terms of types and styles. You can either choose between the traditional or automated systems.

However, nowadays, many RV owners tend to use the latter option to be more convenient and comfortable to use and monitor. Popular computerized models tend to utilize a keypad system.
Nonetheless, some users even use a combination of both methods to get the highest level of security.

RV Bathroom Door Lock

RV Bathroom Door LockInstalling door locks for your RV’s bathroom depends on the user. Many users do not bother installing locks, especially when they travel alone or only with a few people.

Users who do install bathroom door locks tend to travel in big groups to give the bathroom user a semblance of privacy.

Bathroom door locks differ in types and styles. Some use a regular door-type lock, while others rely on a keyed-alike system. Some users also use the door latch handle type and other hatch-type models. What style you will choose largely depends on your preferences as these lock types can get the job done.

RV Door Lock Parts

A door’s parts differ depending on the type of door lock used. As such, no door lock is similar, especially when it comes to the traditional and automated systems.

Regardless of the type, knowing their specific parts and components is essential to utilize their potentials fully. For one, knowing the door lock’s components and how the whole system works makes the installation process much easier.

Not only that, but this knowledge also eases the user’s burden in case the door lock is damaged or in need of repairs. You will know which parts to replace or throw away.

RV Door Lock with Deadbolt

RV Door Lock with DeadboltThis traditional door lock type consists of the following parts:

  • Interior and exterior doorknob
  • Cylinder or tumbler
  • Deadbolt or latch
  • Box and strike plate
  • Thumb-latch or thumb-turn
  • Tailpiece

Door locks either use a spring bolt or deadbolt, depending on the brand. This part is attached to the door’s side and is responsible for keeping the door locked.
To lock your door, you will need to trigger the tailpiece. The tailpiece is located inside your lock and is connected to the thumb-latch. As such, when you turn the thumb-latch, you will also be moving the tailpiece.

With this movement, the deadbolt slides into its designated hole and keeps the door shut.

RV Door Lock Keypad

RV Door Lock KeypadWith the advent of technology, door locks also come in electronic or automated systems. As such, many of these types have forgone the use of keys, making it quite convenient for the user.

Instead, they come with a keypad or a card system that relies on a special keycard or code to unlock the door. You mostly find these door lock types in hotels, offices, condominium units, and the like.

However, some models use a combination of a keypad and a key. That way, users can still unlock their doors in the event of power failures or when you forgot your passcode.

RV Door Handle and Lock

RV Door Handle and LockA door handle and lock are the typical combinations of locking mechanisms you can see in most homes. Like the typical door lock, these also contain the following parts:

  • Exterior and interior doorknobs
  • Cylinder
  • Bolt/latch
  • Box and strike plate

In this locking mechanism, you have two security options that mutually enhance the other. First, you lock your door using the doorknob lock. While these locks are easy to use, they provide a low level of security.

Hence, these door lock types are often paired with other locking mechanisms to compensate. Most users tend to install either a deadbolt, barrel bolt, or chain lock.

RV Locking Doorknob

Doorknob locks are the most common type of lock you find in residential homes and apartments. They are usually used in front doors, bathrooms, and bedrooms.
In these types of locks, they consist of the following parts:

  • Interior and exterior doorknobs
  • Strike and box plate
  • Bolt/ latch
  • Cylinder

Doorknob locks contain their locking mechanism inside the doorknob itself. To lock it, you press the doorknob button. To open it, use the designated key.

Because of this, they do not provide a high level of security. Thus, they are mainly paired with other door locks like the deadbolt, latch, and similar types.

RV Door Lock Keys

RV Door Lock Cylinder KeysDoor locks that only rely on keys are the simplest types you find in the market. These door lock come in the form of padlocks. Instead of attaching to exterior components, padlocks lock into themselves.

There are two types of padlocks. First, you have the square- or rectangular- shaped body and a U-shaped bar. On the other hand, there are circular or disc padlocks. Regardless of the type, you usually see these in lockers, sheds, storage units, and the like.

Because of their construction and mechanism, padlocks are relatively easy to use. However, they provide a low-level of security as thieves find them easy to pick.

RV Door Lock Issues

RV owners should also pay close attention to the door lock’s quality and construction when out in the market. Keeping a keen eye will save you from a lot of door lock issues.

Moreover, RV owners should be diligent in maintaining and cleaning the door locks. Otherwise, the locks will rust and stiffen, which in turn, bloom into other problems.

Door lock issues can be quite costly to repair. As such, as much as possible, homeowners would like to avoid it. However, it is essential to know what these different issues are to know what to do in that specific situation.

RV Door Lock Assembly

RV Door Lock AssemblyStandard RV door locks consist of a door latch and handle feature and use a key for entry. Many users tend to reinforce this lock with other locking mechanisms like a deadbolt or chain lock to enhance its security level.

On the other hand, you also have automated units that do not require a key. Instead, they rely on a keypad for convenience.

Regardless of the type, your RV door lock should be easy to install and assemble. Otherwise, you would be spending a lot of time setting up than using your door lock.

You can hire a professional to do it for you; however, you would need to spend more.

RV Door Lock Installation

RV Door Lock InstallationOne of the factors you should consider when getting a door lock is that it should be easy to use and install. Installation varies from unit to unit, but when it comes to standard models, it often goes like this:

  1. Open your door to a comfortable position and hold it down. By doing so, you can access the lock cut-out and set the lock up quickly.
  2. Place the lock on the cut-out to see if it fits. Otherwise, adjust accordingly.
  3. Insert the lock assembly and screw them all into place.
  4. Test the lock by locking and unlocking it several times. Make sure that all the parts are screwed tight and secure.

RV Door Lock Upgrade

RV Door Lock UpgradeShould you upgrade your RV door lock? It depends on you.

Most RV owners tend to upgrade their old locks due to the following reasons:

  1. Lock is already old or costly repairs
    Door locks slowly break down due to accumulated dirt and grime, especially when exposed continuously outside. As such, it will result in a rusty lock or stiffened components.When this happens, most users tend to replace the lock entirely instead of spending on repairs.
  2. Switch to another model
    Most users also upgrade when they want to switch to another type. For example, the user now wants a keyless door lock.

RV Door Locks Replacement

Replacing your RV door lock is relatively easy that you can do it by yourself. Most locks, nowadays, come with their own set of installation instructions and programming. As such, you will only need a screwdriver to keep everything in place.

When it comes to replacements, you will need to determine the damaged component. If it is an external component, you can just buy the corresponding part and change it.

Hardware stores and other specialty shops sell door lock parts for this reason. You can also purchase these from trusted online sites if you wish.
However, if it is an internal problem, you might need to overhaul the whole system.

RV Door Lock Repair

RV door lock repairs can be quite costly and pose a burden on your part. As such, as much as possible, take good care of your door locks.

Make sure to monitor the state of your door locks continually. Many users tend to clean them every two weeks to get rid of the accumulated dirt and grime, especially when placed outside your RV.

Moreover, make sure to properly lubricate its parts to prevent them from rusting and stiffening. Avoid using oil or grease as they can clog the lock during cold seasons.

Nonetheless, if you’re ever in this situation, here’s what you’ll need to do:

RV Door Lock Stuck

A stuck door lock may result from a misaligned door latch or stiffened and rusty lock components. When this happens, it is not a good idea to force the key to turn.

Otherwise, you will break the key inside the locks, further aggravating the problem.

If the cause is stiffened or rusty components, you can remove some of the grime by inserting a cotton swab. You can also opt to spray graphite or silicone to lubricate the parts.

If the cause is a misaligned door latch, you’ll need to fix the misalignment itself. You can do this on your own, or you can call a professional for help.

RV Door Locks FAQS

What Is The Best RV Door Lock?

The best RV door lock depends if it will meet most of your needs and preferences. As such, when shopping for one, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Durability
    Ensure that the door lock is made of durable and high-quality items to get the most out of it. Otherwise, you’d find yourself regularly replacing it. Make sure that it withstands both physical abuse and natural elements.
  • Security Level
    Look for door locks that provide a high level of security for your vehicle. This way, you can protect your valuables when traveling.
  • Easy fitting
    Make sure that your door lock is compatible with your RV’s door. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to install it.

Are RV Door Locks Universal?

It depends on the type of lock you are using.
To determine this, you will need to determine if your RV door is factory-installed. If it is, then there is a high chance that someone possesses the same keys as you.
This universality feature comes with a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the universality function is helpful in case you lost your keys and are locked out of your RV. You can just ask other RV owners to use their access to unlock your unit in this situation.
On the other hand, the universality feature poses a security problem. A universal key implies that users can quickly break-in into your RV home without you knowing.

How To Pick RV Door Lock?

No matter how vigilant and diligent one can be, there will come a time wherein you lost your key or forgot the passcode, resulting in you getting locked outside your RV home.
When faced with the same situation, do not panic as you can still access your RV. Picking your lock is one of these ways. Take note, however, that lockpicking will only work on traditional door locks.
You can pick on your door using a lock picking kit. Alternatively, you can also use a wrench and a tiny screwdriver.
The caveat, however, is that by doing so, there’s a possibility that you may damage your lock, especially when you have no experience with lockpicking.

How To Replace RV Door Lock?

When you have a new door lock, you’ll need to replace the existing one on your RV. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Remove all the screws on the existing RV door lock. Depending on the model, you can use a drill for convenience.
  2. After unscrewing, remove the old lock and set it aside.
  3. Insert the new unit’s locking mechanism into the door and attach the side plate.
  4. Ensure all the parts are in the right positions and screw them all into place.
  5. Test your new lock by locking and unlocking it a few times. You can wiggle the locking mechanism to see if it’s tight and secure.

Are All RV Door Locks The Same?

No, RV door locks are not the same except when they are the same type. Like all products, RV door locks come in different styles and types. These differences entail that these locks contain various components and rely on other locking mechanisms to work. Because of this, no two RV door locks are ever the same. Knowing the different types of door locks is essential as it helps you decide the right model for your RV home. Not to mention, having this knowledge is also helpful when it comes to installing and uninstalling your door lock. It also comes in handy in cases of damages and repairs.


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