What kind of RV should I get?

Folding Camping Trailer

Known as pop-ups and tent-trailers by many, this versatile hard-working trailer has been a feature of many a family’s history. Often bought as a first trailer, the fold-down is responsible for introducing more people to RVing than any other type of RV. These lightweight units can be towed by virtually any car. Fold-downs can be found in many lengths with options such as hot water, refrigerators, air conditioning and washrooms.

What kind of RV should I getSize: ranges from 4.6 to 7.0 metres (15–23–ft), when open
Cost: starting from approx. $6,000 *
Sleeps: up to 8 people, depending on the model
* Prices of new units are quoted in $Cdn. Used models also available at your local RV dealer

Features of the Folding Camping Travel Trailer:

  • The low price of these units appeals to many first-time buyers, or families with young children looking for an inexpensive model as an introduction to the RVing lifestyle. Monthly payments can start as low as $99.
  • The light weight of this RV allows for easy towing behind most vehicles, including even some small compact cars. It is also possible to unhitch and manoeuvre the RV by hand, to fit into a tight spot.
  • The compact size allows for quick setup and easy storage between uses.
  • Lots of living space once set up, including facilities for kitchen, dining and sleeping areas. Some models even include a slideout section which increases the area of floor space in the centre of the unit.
  • Additional options for some models include conveniences such as stoves, refrigerators, toilets and showers.

More details available from: Manufacturers of Folding Camping Trailers

type-rvTo learn more about your RV options attend an RV Show in your area, or consult our lists of RV Dealers, to locate a dealership near you. You might consider renting a Folding Camping Trailer to determine which model suits your needs.

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